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How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?

I'm looking for a product to create a piecey look for my hair.  I have naturally way hair, and sometimes I'll use a beach spray, I like the one by Bumble and bumble. But it's not the look I'm quite trying for when I say piecey.  I say that I see short  hair styles like this mostly, it's messy and choppy, but I know there has to be a way for longer hair to be this way, I've seen pictures.  I need a product that will allow me to wear my hair like this, either straight or wavy.  Anyone have suggestions?

Re: How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?

@makeupobesesed: If you find a product that is successful, please let me know! My hair only holds texture / wave / etc. when it's too long or damaged. When it's healthy, it refuses to hold curl or do anything. I've tried salt sprays, but they just leave my hair sticky (and it's layered!).


@lylysa: I love your drawings! Smiley Very Happy

Re: How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?

Perfect! I found that the wax was a bit smoother and less stiffSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?

@lylysa and melissabt:  I do have layers cut into my hair, but not choppy the way I see some pictures of short hair.  My stylist does use the razor but the layers are on the soft side.  


Ive used the B&B texture cream before, but I think the piece I'm missing is the twisting into sections.  I'm also not doing it on dry hair, more damp.  


I've returned the B&B bc it made my hair sticky-ish, and now I can see it was bc I applied too much...I may try a new product like suggested, but now I know what to do with it.


Thanks all you Gals who responded!  I can't wait to try it on my hair now.

Re: How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?

My stylist showed me how to apply spray wax so I don't get too much on- Stand with the can at arm's length from your head. Bend slightly to the side so your hair cascades straight down from your head. Then spray a really fine mist (like Lylysa said, too much is always too much). Then twist the ends or the sections to form a little "pigtail" (hard to describe here). Let the wax dry for a couple of seconds, then unwrap the twist. Your hair should look piecey without looking ropey. The spray wax is formable, so if you don't like the look the first time, you can just retwist. Plus, if your hair starts looking flat, you can just tip your head over, scrunch up the roots and reposition your pieces.


Hope this helps, it's hard to describe in words, he just showed me on one side of my head and moved my arm around while I did the other side myself.

Re: How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?


This might help some Smiley Tongue

Yay, back to the super basic, Paint drawings!!! Haha!


I think Prettinpa is stating don't twist/curl your hair so much that it actually forms a tight twist where it might have a tendency to even flip or roll up on itself (picture on the right), instead, keep the twists more relaxed but add a bit of grip at the end will twisting to be sure the lock you've got a hold on "sticks" better to itself and the product to form a "piece" rather than just fall back and blend with the rest of your hair (picture on the left).

Re: How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?

I saw this and thought, "Spaghetti! Yum!" hehe 

Re: How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?

Nom nom nom!

Re: How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?

Well, if I were a visual learner, this would def help!  Too funny lylysa!

Re: How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?

Hahaha, I figured it would be a funny addition, it's been a while since I've done a Paint drawing diagram/visual. Smiley Tongue

Re: How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?

I've missed your awesome Paint drawings!  This one was especially refined! Smiley Very Happy

Re: How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?

Why, thank you, mam! Haha!

Re: How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?

Oribe, KMS, and Sally Hershberger make great salt sprays. I believe during summer Frederik Fekkai makes a great one too and so does Alterna.


Razored ends are fine, but be sure the layers you have are plentiful, in other words if there's only two or three "tiers"/layers down the length of your hair there's not going to be as much variety as if there were four or five. This way, whatever product you use and work with each layer can stand out with shape compared the one right under it and so on.


Though it's kind of out of left field, Axe hair products are pretty clean feeling! Since they're made to give guys "touchable" hair, they don't dry down and get crunchy or flaky, perfect for keeping ends defined and also soft! My hair is long and wavy and I love Redken's Curvaeous shampoo/conditioner. The conditioner is a leave in and I wash first, then towel blot and when my hair is half way dry, I take a dollop of the conditioner and scrunch it through starting at the ends to give my hair more of a piecey look.

Re: How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?

Hi Makeupobesessed,


I agree a hair cut with soft layers will help! However, if you don't want to commit to a piecey hair cut you can create it using different techniques.


Try using a wax styling product. Gently twist your hair with your fingers in different sections (focusing on the ends). Apply the product on dry or damp hair.


Here are a few products that I recommend:




Bumble Styling Wax


styling wax.jpg

<3 Melissa

Re: How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?

They key with getting the piecey look in long hair starts first with the proper cut. Having your hair cut with multiple layers will give more variety and texture to your hair and prevent it from laying flat or looking weighted.


Spray waxes like what Moregun and Prettyinpa suggested work well, but keep in mind that waxes can be quite dense if too much is applies, so be sure to start with a fine amount (easier to add to rather than to take away what you start off with). Try spritzing or applying the product to your finger tips and using your hands to distribute product, with the fingers, twisting and working more detailed areas as opposed to spraying product directly onto hair, that way you have more control and you can twist, touch, work product better.


Try using the spray wax or even a regular wax or defining paste in conjunction with your salt spray. Mist and work spray into hair then use the wax/paste at the ends to add definition and really bring out the ends of your layers!

Re: How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?

Try Goldwell Style Sign Unlimitor 4, it's my go to spray wax. I got mine from my salon, but you can get it from Amazon and Beautybrands if you can't find it locally.

Re: How to get a "piecey" look for my long hair?

It's difficult to obtain, but if you can find a good spray wax that works well (mine was discontinued),  LPs volume texturizer seems to work in conjunction with Big &Sexy's Spray & Play Smiley Happy im not very good with hair so I hope this helps! 

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