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How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?



I have very fine hair with little frizzies around my temples and the crown of my head. My hair is naturally curly/wavy but  it never looks right if I let it go natural. My hair is incredibly dry and brittle. If I let my hair air dry, it is one big frizzy ball of dry hair. So everyday for work I must blow dry and straighten my hair. I use It's A 10 leave in miracle treatment (which used to work wonders, not so much anymore) before styling each day, and Argon Oil to try and smooth the frizzy fly aways after straightening. But yet my hair still feels dead and dry. It tangles easily, and feels like my fingers are running through straw Smiley Sad




What are some products I can use to restore my hair, and give me that beautiful soft, silky smooth, frizz-free, shine, that I will be able to run my hands through with pride? 

Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

Sorry... I can't respond on internet explorer so I am being obnoxious and making new comments.


I used to have to wash my hair everyday because it was "so oily" - trust me if you stop washing it every day over time it will be less oily. Same goes for the face on your skin. I am the greasiest person I know (hair and face Smiley Sad ) and I no longer wash my face in the AM (just go in with a swipe of toner) and its helped so much with my over-production of oil.


As for my hair - I only wash it every 2-3 days... maybe a 4th day! Shocker! I promise you it will be easier. Yes, my hair looks limp and flat on the second day. You have to find a dry shampoo that works for you. Thats how I have been able to grow my hair so long and have it look nice. If you have darker hair I like the Bastiste for brown hair.


A sleek pony tail can help with the look as well. Headbands can distract. Luckily for me I work in a hospital and wear a scrub cap so no one can see Smiley Wink so I can probably get away a little longer than I should sometimes.


But I agree with others take a little heat styling break - braid  your hair and let it hair dry - really helps with mixed texture hair and smooths it down at the same time. I like to do an inverted/dutch french braid starting at the top of my crown.

Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

Also! If your little frizzies are still standing up post-blow dry a wax or pomade (the teeniest bit) is great at flattening them out in an instant.

Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

1. Don't wash your hair everyday - try every other - get a good dry shampoo! (I like Batiste and Psssst!)


2. If your products don't seem to be responding and your hair seems meh, definitely go out and grab a clarifying shampoo - you can get one from an inexpensive brand! Keep in mind this type of shampoo is very stripping (but it can get rid of the build up it sounds like you have) so for your hair type I would reserve for once or twice a month - I wouldn't do weekly. Or do what I do and only use it when your hair doesn't seem to be responding to product.


3. Leave in creams - I really enjoy these: Alterna CC cream (my favorite), Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream, Living Proof Perfect Hair Day


4. Oil/shine - 100% recommend Agave Oil - its amazing. I've tried the Josie Maran hair serum (please note hair serums are different than 100% argan oil or a pure oil.. they have silicones in them), the Moroccan oil regular and light (for your hair type definitely don't get the regular). Agave oil provides great shine and is lightweight and doesn't look greasy. I put it on my wet hair (in moderation - esp first time you use it to see) and then as a topper for my dry hair. I also like the Alterna Kendi Dry Oil mist as a shine spray (but a little pricey for that purpose I think).


I personally don't like the idea of wasting money on expensive shampoo/conditioner but overall here is what I use and I highly recommend. About my hair: fine, prone to breakage (since I like it looong!), can look dull, curly/wavy mixed texture (wavier now that the length is weighing it down)


Loreal EverStrong Shampoo (high end fave: Alterna Caviar)

Neutrogena Triple Moisture conditioner (high end fave: Alterna Caviar)

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep conditioner (love this, no high end fave)

Coconut oil (pre-shower conditioner - will probably have to shampoo twice after using, maybe use clarifying shampoo as this can weigh fine hair down and you may not remove it all if you wash once - helps with shine - I do this 1x week)

Alterna CC cream leave-in (drug store fave: Neutrogena Triple Moisture leave-in) **heat protectant**

Agave oil

Alterna Kendi Dry oil mist

Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

The moroccan argan oil is the best oil I`ve ever tried to smooth down the frizz it makes hair so soft and shiny. It’s not oily or heavy, or at least the one I have isn’t, mine is by the pro naturals brand, its very awesome.

Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

You need to stop washing your hair everyday.  Have you considered that your scalp might be getting oily because of the fact that it is actually dehydrated.  If your hair is naturally curly, it will be dry - curly hair is the driest of all hair types.  You need to condition it every time you are in the shower and skip days of shampooing.  Also, consider switching to a sulfate free shampoo, which will be less drying.  '


Curly hair is not hard to care for - I should know, I have curly hair.  In order to understand it, perhaps do a little research on it.  There is a good book called Curly Girl, which helps you to understand curls and the best way to care for them.  Also, there is a site called, Natural Curly, which helps those who specially have anything from waves to tight coils.  Might be something you might want to look into.

Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

I agree with dannyc's suggestion. My hair used to be just like yours (YEARS ago) then a friend (hair stylist) told me to stop washing my hair every day. For about 18 years now I wash my hair 3-4 times a week... I have never used a brush in my whole life, instead I use a pick or wide tooth comb to limit breakage and split ends... I also use a low heat setting on my hair dryer and a large barrel ceramic curling iron on low/med heat to kinda seal my shine into the ends of my hair... and I never use styling products. I have used Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi shampoo and Pantene Pro-V conditioner (Smooth something, it has a green color label) for nearly 18 years now... and for about 2 or 3 months in the beginning I did weekly conditioning treatments to address my dryness issues and never had to do anything again (until just recently when I tried a new conditioner and it stripped my hair BUT three uses of OJON Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment Plus fixed me back to normal thankfully Smiley Happy In the long run a quick fix is probably only temporary... so try to start at the root, consider it a job worth investing some serious time into, and give your hair the time it needs to grow out more balanced and healthy Smiley Happy Best of luck Sweetie... I hope I helped a little Smiley Happy

Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

Yup! no brush on wet hair! Wide tooth comb or pick for years! I was able to grow my hair out post bleaching with little issues because I learned to but the paddle brush down (don't even own one now). Over the years I have been able to go from washing my hair 3-4x a week to 1-2 max! On those really greasy days I wrap a scarf around my head & put my hair up in a messy bun. A few years back I went on a 2 week hike and didn't wash my hair at all. Sure I had some grease patches on my scalp, but my hair was so soft & smooth, I was frizz free for months after that. 

Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

lol Smiley Happy  I think the longest I could deal is probably 4 days without washing... I definitely look like a grease ball by then Smiley Happy  BTW... I forgot to specify this earlier but my hair when wet is very wavy, but like smash6086 I prefer to straighten my hair. Also I colored my hair black for like 10 years but I never used a permanent hair color... I used the washout kind (Natural Instincts?) which probably helped me out as well. I just wanted to add that info just in case it could help someone out someday Smiley Happy

Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

I have recently been using the Paul Mitchell Awpuhi shampoo with the matching leave in conditioner. I feel like the shampoo cleans my hair really well (literally squeaky clean lol) without drying it out. The leave in conditioner has made me never want to wash a conditioner out of my hair ever again! I am just insecure about how my hair and scalp get so greasy if I sleep just ONE night on it, the next day it's a grease ball at work Smiley Sad Also, what do you do about working out? I feel gross if I don't wash it after the gym everyday...

Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

You need a super high-strength heat protector!  Agreed on those frizzies being broken hair from over-heat styling.


Not a heat protector, but I'm currently loving Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream.

Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

Are you washing your hair every day? Try cutting back to just 2-3x to let your natural oils do their job on your hair. 

Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

I must wash my hair everyday... while my hair is dry, my scalp gets oily and greasy looking after just one day. If I wash my hair in the morning and sleep on it, as quick as by the next morning it looks flat, oily, and greasy up top and dry and damaged in the length Smiley Sad

Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

Have you tried a dry shampoo & not wearing it down the next day? 

Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

Basically on days that I simply don't have time to wash it, I pull it up. I've experimented with dry shampoos a little bit, but I guess I haven't found the right one. They all seem either too heavy for my fine hair or they are too much like hair spray, making my hair knotty and the roots overly lifted, my hair practically stands on its own haha

Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

Those "little frizzies" are broken hairs.  It will really help with the health of your hair if you stop using heat tools and go natural for awhile.  I know you say it "never looks right" when you don't heat style but it's probably just because you haven't found the right products/technique to bring out your natural waves.


My hair is very similar to yours except that I would describe mine as "fine" instead of "very fine".  After washing my hair (once every 2-3 days) I apply a light styling cream (Bumble and Bumble's is good), scrunch, and allow to air dry.  Once dry or mostly dry I'll mist a sea spray allover for some body and texture.  As for those pesky little hairs along my hairline - clear mascara or brow gel followed by hair spray works well to make them behave.

On days I don't wash my hair another mist of sea spray and some light scrunching is all that's required.

Hope that helps!


Bumble Styling Crème -


Sachajuan Ocean Mist -

Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

Frizzy hair is caused by a lack of moisture. You need to do deep conditioning treatments at least once a week, probably more until your hair gets better. My hair doesn't get weighed down easily so i use a styling cream and then an oil as well when its towel dried. Heat styling is also going to contribute to your problem. Try to not use heat stylers as much as you can. I know its not ideal but doing it will help so much. Also don't use the highest heat setting on your styling tools. Figure out the lowest temp for your hair to straighten without being too high. Also right before i straighten my hair is apply alittle oil to the section as an extra layer of protection and then a shine spray after i'm done, it helps tame stray hairs. 

My favorite products that work wonders for me are..

-Matrix Biolage Hydratherapie conditioning balm

-Macadamia NAtural Oil Deep repair mask

-Macadamia natural oil healing oil treatment

-Redken All soft Argan oil

-Redken Extreme Mask

-Alterna Kendi oil, or spray version. 


Re: How to get Silky Frizz-free hair?

My roommate in college said she used to have hair that sounds exactly like yours! She swore by BioSilk and applied it to her hair religiously after every shower, and I thought her hair looked fantastic. Maybe you could give that a try? Unfortunately Sephora doesn't sell it, but you can find it in a lot of places.

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