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How to curl my already curly hair!

LOL so this question is a bit wierd, however I'm really curious as to how I can achieve perfect curls! I already have wavy/curly hair and use quite a number of products to tame the frizzyness!! (Living Proof Wave Making Cream, Alterna Kendi Oil treatment, Paul mitchell Shine spray) But no matter what I use, I still end up with lazy curls at the end of the day and my hair never looks always looks very dull. I do own the Sultra Bombshell and was wondering if you ladies had any great tips on how to curl it the right way. The last time I tried, I ended up taking away my natural curl and the iron sort of left a wierd wave that did not look cute. Also, I never know what to do with the ends! should I leave them out, or go back and striaghten it with my iron?  I have tried many videos on youtube but it seems like most of the ones I had seen, the girls had blow-dryed their hair and then curled it which left the ends looking great! But this would not work for me as I do not like too much heat for my hair. thanks in advance!

Re: How to curl my already curly hair!

What shampoo/ conditioner are you using?

Re: How to curl my already curly hair!

I have very naturally curly. I don't know which kind of hair you're referring to...African hair, or just curly hair. My hair isn't african, it's just thick curly hair. I just learned to curl my hair so here's sort of a basic overview of what I do...


So the night before (which I'm pretty sure which days I want to curl it) I will put Moroccan/Argan Oil (curlysexyhair) on the bottom half of my hair. And this is something I like to do...I will put some Tresemme Heat Protectant on my hair, and then get dressed so it has time to dry into my hair.


When I go to curl it, I pull the top part up and let the bottom few pieces hang down. I section those and pull them apart, and use the clamp and run my hair through it to smoothen it out. Then I take my hair, and use it like a curling wand, pretty much and wrap it around, and hold it for about 7-10 seconds (I have to hold it longer, otherwise it won't curl right because I have super thick hair. I hold the curl in my hand for about 5 seconds to let it sort of cool off, so the curl doesn't fall out. Then after I curl that section I pull do the next bottom layer, and then split them into 2 sides, and so on.


Sorry for my (somewhat helpful) rant


Hope I helped hun! 🙂 






You are using some good hair products so I think you just...

You are using some good hair products so I think you just need to practice on making curls with your curling iron.  Here's the way that I do spiral curls in my hair:  

Most curls are typically created by holding your curlers or irons horizontally (sideways).  Spirals are created when you roll your hair vertically (up and down).  It does take a bit of getting used to doing curls this way but once you get it down, the rest is a breeze.  Always divide your hair into several sections for easier curling.  You can create spirals by using a regular barrel curling iron, a spiral curling iron or by using regular hair rollers and / or hot rollers.  How tight or loose they are depends on the size of the barrel or curlers you choose.  If you want tight curls, use a small size.  If you want looser curls, use a larger size.  If you want curls to last longer, apply gels, mousse or spritz's to slightly damp hair before you curl it.  Gently comb through your hair then blow dry it until it's completely dry.  It pays off to hold your blow dryer above your hair and gently brush it while you're blow drying it.  When it's dry, give your hair a cool shot of air to help close your hair cuticles.  If you're using a curling iron , it is very important that your hair is completely dry.  If your hair is not completely dry, you'll only end up singeing your hair and that can cause hair damage.

I hope this helps you.  🙂


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