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How to clean a round hairbrush



Does anyone have any tips or tricks to easily clean the hair out of a round hair brush?  I have this one from iTech.

Re: How to clean a round hairbrush

I clean mine like Melissa and Diana do just by running a wide tooth comb down both sides and then pulling the hair off I gathered at the end.

Re: How to clean a round hairbrush

Hi Kalex,


I also like to use a wide tooth plastic comb to remove the hair. Those big types of combs that you use in the shower work really well.

<3 Melissa

Re: How to clean a round hairbrush

Hi Kalex, 


Aside from pulling the hair out just by hand, using a comb down a few sides of the brush can help pull stray hairs away as well. I'll even just use my hands and grab a section down a side and pull away from the brush. 


Remember to clean your brush as well, I like to use warm soapy water and an antibacterial cleanser to remove product buildup. 


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: How to clean a round hairbrush

I often take a smaller round brush and work the smaller one's bristles into the large one to pick up hairs and then rotate it around the barrel so it wraps and picks up the hairs away from the large brush. The trapped/removed hairs are easier to pick off the small brush since it's not as densely packed down against the barrel of the small one.


If you have a pair of fine scissors or even cuticle scissors, clip some of the hair at the base of the barrel inbetween the bristle bundles and cut upward so you get to peel/remove the trapped hair in almost like a "sheet" form.

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