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How do i make stronger and longer?

I just recently cut my hair short as it was very long, and i just want to get the length back but also to strengthen it while its growing out. I just really would like my long hair back. It was very brittle before and i cut it so it would get rid of the damage on it because i was curling and straightening it, but it has almost been a year since i put heat on it before i cut it so it was getting a little better with not applying heat. Since i have cut it i have used heat once or twice. But also i've mostly been having a french braid in or a high loose bun. So is that good to be doing or just keep it down in hopes of growing it longer. I normally wash my hair 3 to 4 times a week. The shampoo i use is tresemme keratin smooth and also that conditioner, and after i sometimes will put a moroccan oil in it. Also my hair is very dark brown almost black in color, semi thick. Please help me! It would be greatly appreciated!

Re: How do i make stronger and longer?

I have long thick hair as well, and if you'd like it to grow back fast, take hair vitamins and make sure to cut your split ends off every month or two. If you want it to stop from getting heat damaged, use a deep conditioner, I use the Loreal repair balm, and always use a heat protector whenever youre putting heat on your hair. Smiley Happy

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