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How do I get straight hair with volume?

so I straighten my hair...but it doesn't give my hair volume and I want to quit straightening because it damages your hair. Any advice how to get straight hair without damaging along with volume? thanks

nothing a round brush and a blowdryer can't cure. separat...

nothing a round brush and a blowdryer can't cure. separate your hair, spray the roots with a little bit of hairspray and blowdry your hair upward with the round brush. it make take some practice but it'll do the trick without the teasing and layering tons of product that fall out by mid-day.

Okay, one way you can get volume is to wash your hair and...

Okay, one way you can get volume is to wash your hair and then use a heat portectant spray or gel or any type and when you blow dry your hair flip your head upside down.. i know it sounds retarded but that is what i do lol and you can also move your part to a diffrent spot in your head and it will make that part have a little bounce in it.. but you will still have to straighten it =) hope i helped!

Frederick Fekkai "Coiff Controle Ironless Straighten...

Frederick Fekkai "Coiff Controle Ironless Straightening Balm" is a great product to straighten your hair while you blow dry it instead of having to use a flat-iron.  It is a non-chemical balm that helps your hair go straight and sleek.  At the same time your hair is moisturized and strengthened by natural vitamins and proteins.  You can find it at:

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

i am in the same boat as you. i can't for the life of me...

i am in the same boat as you. i can't for the life of me get the hang of blow drying my hair straight let alone try and make it volumnized with a round brush at the same time.


Here is what I find has started working for me. My hair is straight to begin with just one or two waves in it, nothing major. I shampoo it with "big fat" hair shampoo . i don't know the name exactly, but it is a red bottle and it is a volumnizing shampoo. i put on conditioner in the shower after, and i use  a wide tooth comb in the shower to comb and wash out the conditioner after. i towel dry my hair and then i let it air dry and go to sleep on it. the next morning my hair is naturally pretty big to begin with. then i just lightly comb the areas that are tangly, but i don't use a brush bc that seems to flatten my hair. i take heat protectant spray and then flat iron the parts on my hair that need to be straightened. i leave the parts that are pretty straight to begin with and just do the parts with waves in it.


i think otherwise if i did my whole head my hair would be so sleek and straight they would look flat on me. you can also try buying bump its, i hear those help.


something else i once tried was, i took the back of my hair  and put hair spray in the hair and combed it through making it sort of rough, and then i teased the very top of the strands at the back of my hair. this made them pretty big. the only reason i don't like that as much is because i hate using hair spray, and the hair on the top of my head was so much bigger than the hair that is on the sides of my face that it looked sort of weird.


one last thing, that i think is the best option for me and i do this combined with option one that i told u is.. take the flat iron and  when you take the strand pull it far from your head and then curl ur arm inwards. pretend you are making a giant C with your flat iron. this really does create natural volume if it doesn't make sense , youtube "create volume with a hair straightener"

Blow drying your hair upside down is an absolute must.  (...

Blow drying your hair upside down is an absolute must.  (Note I am assuming you don't have super curly hair, but wavy to straightish)


After showering, I put my hair up in a towel while I get dressed and do my makeup.  Then I go to blowdry.  I have a BIG boar's bristle round brush.  I flip my head over and run the brush from the roots to the end of each section of my hair. 


(Note: Depending on how long it is, you can spend a few minutes gettng it somewhat dry (if its long and takes a while to dry)  When the hair is about 75% dry, then you really need to use the round brush, running it from root to tip while blowing on it.)


When my haiir is about 95% dry, I flip head over.  Then, I take the brush and grab sections of my hair and pull them the opposite direction.  (So, I take a section from the crown of my head and pull it toward my forehead) and blowdry the roots.  I take sections from either side of my part and blow dry them the opposite way I want them to lay eventually.  This gives the roots a blast of heat and your hair will retain a bit of height when you're finished.


At the end, I spritze with a very light hairspray.  Occasionally, I put volumizing mousse on my roots before I blowdry.  Tressemme is my favorite, and I've tried everything expensive to cheap!

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