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How do I get my hair to look like this?

Okay so here’s a pic for reference, it’s just women from The Bachelor. I can’t figure out how to style my hair. If I leave it to dry naturally, it’s a curly/wavy giant mess.... if I dry and flat iron it... it gets damaged and looks like crap shortly after anyway and won’t last more than a few hours. Everywhere I look now, it’s like every woman i see either on tv or in real life has THIS hair. Smooth and straight on top going into flowy waves on the bottom. Does everyone just naturally have great hair or are they doing something to achieve this look? Does anyone have hair like mine (medium length with layers, will get large and dry and coarse if left alone but can be smoothed with products) that can give me a step by step process of what you do with your hair? Like from when you wash it and after til the finished product. Thank you so much in advance!

Re: How do I get my hair to look like this?


You can achieve this look with a flat iron or curling iron/wand. It depends on your comfort level

with tools; some people find naturally they are more comfortable with a curling iron while others find curling irons awkward to hold and prefer to use a 1” flat iron. 

With a flat iron, take large two inch sections, hold horizontally and create an “S” shape by clamping iron and pulling in alternating directions along the length of your hair. Start mid shaft down if you want your roots to be smooth. 

Re: How do I get my hair to look like this?

@jessalex All they do is use a curling wand. If they have curly hair they have to straighten some parts with a flat iron and then curl the rest with a curling iron. You can do a search on YouTube for a tutorial on how to curl your hair or make beachy waves. 

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