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How can I dye my medium brown hair blonde?

I have medium brown hair similiar to the picture belowswfupload_2163876656978604099.jpg

I really want to go blonde like this:



How can I do that without completely destroying my hair or having it come out orange?


I take fairly good care of my hair, I deep condition it once a week and use a repairing conditioner on other days and I use a clarifying shampoo once a week. My hair is quite soft and healthy looking now, I don't want to dye it and have it be brittle and dead looking.

Also, what is the best way to dye my hair blonde and have it look natural?

Re: How can I dye my medium brown hair blonde?

Everyone I know who has ever tried this themselves always ends up with an unflattering orange color.  Even some salons leave people orange.  I would suggest finding someone in your group who has successfully done it and asking who they used to do it.  If no one in your group has done it, my only suggestion is to pick a high end salon.  It is hard to get hired in one and even harder to keep your job in one unless you know what you're doing.  When booking the appointment, request a stylist who has worked there for a while.

Re: How can I dye my medium brown hair blonde?

GO TO A SALON!!!  I know many of the other BTers have already said it, but I cannot stress enough how easy it is to screw blonde up.  Between the actual shade, the tone, and the highlights, there are a lot of things to think about that are incredibly difficult to do alone.  You'll probably have to do a double process and some foil highlights.  Find somebody who specializes in blondes who can make solid recommendations based on how frequently you plan on touching up your color and most importantly your skin tones.


As far as maintenance after you have your new blonde locks, I would suggest UVA/UVB balms or hats to protect the color from the sun, moisturizing shampoos/conditioners, sulfate free products, a hydrating mask (I love Bumble & bumble's Mending Masque), and a purple shampoo to tone down the brassiness.  I've tried quite a few different purple shampoos and I've found that Clairol Shimmer Lights works best for me.  I HATE HATE HATE the scent (it's like your grandma's perfume covered in dust), but the tone it gives is worth it.  I use my purple shampoo once every three washes or so.  Too much more than that makes my hair too dull.  Purple shampoo's are also pretty drying so I like to keep my use minimal.  How much you use and how often you use it will depend on your personal preferences. 

Re: How can I dye my medium brown hair blonde?

Oh another comment!  If you end up getting highlights, ask your colorist to do some tipping.  It gives a way more natural look to your hair and keeps your ends nice and bright!

Re: How can I dye my medium brown hair blonde?

Last year I went from a brown very similar to yours (maybe a bit more ashy and a few shades lighter) to a very light blond. I had to bleach it first (hair dresser didn't tell me and I freaked out on the inside "my hair is dying!! can you hear it screaming right now!!! OMG!!" Inner turmoil.) You going for a more natural blond so I'm not sure if they would have to go thought that same process or not...

Re: How can I dye my medium brown hair blonde?

One thing to keep in mind: With your hair being a darker brown, even with lightening your hair may get a coppery orange cast the first time, due to the underlying pigments within your hair. Toning it can help to minimize the color as well as a purple hued shampoo and conditioner. 

Re: How can I dye my medium brown hair blonde?

Such great responses!!! Thanks. I'm med brown now, my hair was light auburn growing darkened on its own but i still have that kind of skin tone that looks good with auburn Smiley Happy So now...I did a home coloring with L'oreal HiColor to a lighter brown and will leave it alone, and use hair mask like the ladies recommend here. Next month I think I will go to my salon and request just a tad lighter and I'll be happy. I think I could pull off blonde but I think a dark blonde or light auburn will be just the thing for me. Smiley Happy



Re: How can I dye my medium brown hair blonde?

I would encourage you to do it. Not sure which professional to go to? I know it sounds weird, but if you see someone who you think gets their hair colored: on the street at the store, mall, on the street- maybe ask them which colorist they use (esp if their hair looks healthy & is a similar color you want).


 I have gone from a medium brown to blonde and it is a lot of work & upkeep.  


Also, I think lylysa has given a very good, thoughtful response with lots of details.

Re: How can I dye my medium brown hair blonde?

The below tips on after/maintaining blonde with a purple or silver shampoo are great, as is the suggestion of finding a reputable salon and a stylist that specializes in color.


In order to transition from brunette to blonde, it's key to not just go off of hair color alone, but also take into account skin tone and other factors like altering your make up or even wardrobe to best compliment your new look. Keep in mind the time frame of which you want to be blonde and be prepared for the maintenance.


Though "going to the salon" may not be the quick, do-it-yourself answer you might want, it will be the best and ultimately secure yourself the more sufficient and efficient way to take yourself from one look to the other while minimizing damage and mishaps. An all over lightening process with the use of bleach/lightening powder and a higher volume developer, which will provide a stronger lift to strands, allow the bleaching process to take affect. You may also find that your colorist may do what is called a double process on your hair as it's not too often bleach alone will get you to the shade of your dreams. After an initial lightening process, another may or may not have to occur, followed by an actual color process where your professional will impart the blonde shade decided upon for the look your wish to achieve.


As blonde is a color that can look flat if just left with one shade (as with coloring hair any solid, one shade), you might also opt into a series of highlights and lowlights to break up the monochromatic look and to add some dimension (the first blonde photo you have is an excellent example of multiple facets of shades used to compile a "blonde" look. You don't have to do the traditional process off all over highlights and lowlights; but normally the top layers and even the sides or face framing layers are well suited for some color. There is also a technique known as balayage, where rather than meticulously weave out sections to target, your colorist takes a more free and organic approach and just grasps tiny sections and pieces of hair and paints them directly rather than use the foil method.


The multiple processes used can vary on time frames, have a consultation with your stylist and see what condition your hair is currently in and the degree of processes it can handle at one time. It's not uncommon to have to spread the double process and addition of highlights and lowlights over a longer time span of 1-2 weeks so hair can rest inbetween.


To keep your hair healthy and to not let its health fall after the processing, one of my favorites is Phyto's PhytoCitrus Color Protect Radiance Mask, it's designed for freshly colored hair and is used the first 2 weeks after color whenever you wash to lock in and preserve color and prevent harsh minerals in the water and UV rays from breaking down color processes and dulling the results.



After, go to using a regular color preserving conditioner and store that away for the next time you have to color.


Sulfate free shampoos and products are great as they won't work extra to strip natural oils from your hair and scalp. The silver or purple shampoos (Schwarzkop Bonacure, Lush, Matrix, and AG) can be used every other time you wash or to supplement your regular shampoo and the purple tones will help combat the yellow or brassy undertones that may occur. Too much and sometimes the color used may even tinge hair with a mild purple tint on fairer blonde shades.


Alterna's UV Color Protection line is great as it's gentle and targets not only color protection, but preservation from UV fading.


Look for a conditioning mask/treatment to use weekly that can be left on for at least 15 minutes, Joico's K-Pak Reconstructor Mask, Redken's Real Control Intense Renewal Mask, It's a 10 Miracle Mask, and Frederik Fekkai's Shea Butter Mask are great as they rely on proteins that help to fill in and strengthen damaged areas (normally keratin or amino acids are used) and are boosted with humectants (intense and conditioning hydrators) such as mango butter, shea butter, apricot oil, and sweet almond oil.



Re: How can I dye my medium brown hair blonde?

I would highly, highly recommend consulting a local hairstylist about going that blonde. Going that light at home is not at all recommended, as you can damage your hair. Most salons will probably have you come in for gradually going lighter over the course of different visits.

Whimsically yours,

Re: How can I dye my medium brown hair blonde?

I agree!! NikkiPhillippi on YT is doing that currently. she is dark brown almost black and is naturally blonde but she said it is going to be a multi step process. 

Re: How can I dye my medium brown hair blonde?

I love changing up my color.  My natural is almost black and I am currently platinum.  I also take good care of my hair, but any amount of bleaching hair that dark is going to end up in some breakage.  If you start healthy and really work to keep it strong, you probably won't even notice, but make sure you go to a really good salon for this.  I would never attempt to use bleach on myself, you just aren't able to obtain the same quality of products and you could end up with chunks of missing hair if you leave it on too long.  I've been going to the same person at a high end salon for 12 years now because I know my hair will always look perfect.  Before that, I went somewhere local to have a few big blonde chunks put in when that was trendy and all the blonde broke off at the roots.  I ended up with tufts growing out of my head.  If I have to give up some other things to afford it, it's worth it to me.  Lots of good products are key to keeping hair healthy after lightening.  I use Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde shampoo and conditioner.  They also make a purple shampoo, but I don't ever need to use it if I use the Forever Blonde daily.  I apply Moroccan Oil to my wet hair and sleep on it, I never blow dry.  Before styling, I use Joico heat and shine spray.  It's one of the few that are not alchohol based so it doesn't dry out my hair like others do.  My mom has a license to do nails so she can get me all this stuff cheaper or I probably wouldn't use it all, but it honestly makes a huge difference compared to store brand products.  Even my salon is amazed at the quality of my hair with all the processing they do on it.  I never have to deep condition, but sometimes I do it anyway in case it might be preventative.  Maybe once every few months...I use Ojon.  Love all their products but hate the smell.


The prettiest natural blonde for dark hair is to heavily foil the entire head each time you go to the salon.  It takes hours and is very expensive, but the results are amazing.  I am one solid platinum color now because I just don't have the time or patience to sit there that long, and I save a ton of money.  Hope this gives you some ideas.

Re: How can I dye my medium brown hair blonde?

This was really helpful! I plan on going all blonde in a couple months. Smiley Happy

Re: How can I dye my medium brown hair blonde?

I recommend going to reputable salon for this kind of process. It may take up to two separate colorings to get the brassy tones out if you're coming from medium brown. I really don't recommend you doing this yourself unless you have good knowledge about bleaching, developers, toners, and additives. I know it may be more affordable if you end up doing it yourself, but its well worth it to pay the extra money in going to a professional and quite possibly less damaging. Whereas if you do it yourself, the coloring maybe splotchy or brassy and the hair maybe very brittle and damaged. I know this because I've been in those shoes heels Smiley Happy


Invest in a good purple shampoo afterwards. Fudge Violet Toning Shampoo is one of the best I've used to keep it a cool blonde with less brass/orange tones and it's not harsh on the hair oppose to Shimmer Lights where you can find at any ole Sallys.


I hope this helps and good luck on the switch!

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