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Helping keep hair tangle free

No matter what my daughter does, her hair seems to tangle and knot very badly.  She'll wash and condition it, we'll comb it well, and then she'll watch TV for a bit, and next thing you know, tangles!  She's not rubbing her head around on the couch or anything - it just seems to insta-tangle.  And so it seems the only way to keep it from tangling is to keep it constantly in a braid, bun or other style!  But she has beautiful long, thick hair, and she likes to wear it down.  I used to think it was just b/c she was a kid and played a lot (she's almost 11), but I'm beginning to think it's just that her hair has a very different texture than my own, b/c I have seen firsthand how quickly it tangles, and I know mine wouldn't do that.  


Here is a picture of her hair.  It's not quite this long anymore (although it's still mid-back), and this is it blown out a bit.  Her hair is mostly straight, but especially at the back of the head, it seems to be growing in a bit wavy.  And although it's fairly fine, she has TONS of it.  It's a bit broken at the ends, but even when we've chopped off the broken stuff, she still tangles like crazy.  



I would love anything that would make it less torturous for her to comb her hair and/or have it combed by me.  I'm open to shampoos, conditioners, styling products, etc.  Maybe even a different cut?  (As long as it's somethign that she can easily put in a bun for dance - we can't do anything super short here.)  She just started middle school and really wants to start wearing her hair down like most of her friends do.  

Re: Helping keep hair tangle free

Thank you for all the ideas!  We're going to try some of them out.

PS - We actually have a Knot Genie already, and it works fairly well to get the snarls out.  But I'm really hoping we can find some sort of routine that will help the hair to snarl less in the first place and to help it release snarls more easily when they do occur.  

Re: Helping keep hair tangle free

My hair is also down to my waist, and I use 100% Argan oil mixed into a water bottle. I shake it well and then spray it on my hair after a shower and comb through. It makes my hair look very healthy and tangle free.

Re: Helping keep hair tangle free

My hair was down to my thighs at her age. God the tangles. I brushed with a bore bristle brush so I didn't rip anything. I did treatments several times a week, things like hot oil and leave in masks. My hair dresser told me to sleep with a bit of silicone glossing polish in my hair. I would put it in my hair every night and often braid it then wash it out in the morning. To be honest the ethnic hair care isle became my best friend. Lots of people overlook it but they have some really heavy duty products. I also had lots of detangler and leave in conditioner.  My hair was much easier to handle the silkier it was, the few knots I did get came right out. Also I liked to wear my hair down but as I got older barrettes were really wonderful. They kept my hair nice all day and out of my way and I could still have it down. I wore them at the nape of my neck. 

Re: Helping keep hair tangle free

I can't say enough good things about Bumble & Bumble Gentle Shampoo, Super Rich Conditioner, and Prep Spray.  I have terribly thick wavy hair that tangles so badly.  Since using these products now for almost 2 months the comb goes through my hair like butter, no tangles, and my hair just feels so soft & silky.  HTH.

Re: Helping keep hair tangle free

I LOVE Bumble & Bumble's hair Tonic. It does an EXCELLENT job of priming the hair for products while detangling. It was originally designed for fashion week; models would often jump from show to show with all sorts of products and styles from the previous jobs they worked. So B&B invented something that would refresh the hair, so that they could easily style tresses.


The tonic lotion also rich in tea tree oil and various herbals, it's great for the scalp too!



Whimsically yours,

Re: Helping keep hair tangle free

I feel her pain. My hair tangles horribly if left to its own devices. The only thing that keeps tangles away for me is Pantene products. I have tried everything from Suave to Biolage and nothing works against tangles like Pantene. Don't use the opaque white shampoos though, they're gross.


Johnson & Johnson also makes an awesome detangler called No More Tangles. I have used it as a toddler and as an adult and it works very well.


You may also see improvement from using a light oil or serum in the ends of her hair. Be very careful with these though, as a little goes a long way!

Dry oil and shine sprays work for the ends too but read the ingredients! If it contains denaturated alcohol (alcohol denat) do not buy it - it's extremely drying and will turn hair crunchy after awhile.

Re: Helping keep hair tangle free

Also, I personally use Morrocanoil products. Maybe a small amount added to her ends (dry hair) would help?

Re: Helping keep hair tangle free

My hair did this as a child (I grew out of it and now it is coming back) but I got the agave oil a sample and it helped so much also when was her last hair cut maybe just a TINY trim to make the ends better. I just put a dime size on my hands and rubbed them together and then worked my way from ends to the nap of my neck? since I have somewhat oily hair. 

Re: Helping keep hair tangle free

My local cosmetics store sells The Knot Genie. The owner has two young daughters and swears by it.

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