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Help a girl out please

Ok Ladies! So I have thick hair that can get frizzy, but when I style it ( I curl my hair) with product, it looks really nice...


But when I just air dry it, it looks a HOT MESS! My hair is loosley wavy, limp, and frizzy (esp the ends).


I'm so envious of those girls (like my best friend) who can step out of the shower and air dry their hair and it looks beautifully textured, has body, and looks put together. I've tried adding some product like mousse, but it either drys limper from the weight or frizzier


So for you ladies who air dry your hair to perfection, how to you do it?

Re: Help a girl out please

Sorry guys, I had a bit of a crazy weekend (had to take my lil girl to the vet's) so didnt get a chance to see all this great feedback!!!


Some excellent suggestions here, and it looks like quite a few of you us oils. I'll admit I always get nervousl about looking greasy with oils, but maybe I just put too much in.


I will def give a couple of these ideas a try!!!

Re: Help a girl out please

I use the pure argan oil from Josie maran

Re: Help a girl out please

I have the same type of hair, except after I wash it, I apply, Organix Moroccan oil. It then dries better and not frizzy.

Have you tried any oils? If you apply the right amount it doesn't look greasy btw. So don't be afraid of that.


Re: Help a girl out please

What products are you currently using, from your shampoo, conditioner, and styling products?


Check into hair lines specifically geared to curls or taming frizz:


The above threads covers a slew to brands and products to look into, including things you might not consider like the pillowcase you sleep on, the minerals in your water, how you dry your hair after a washing, brushes/combs used, even the types of drying alcohols to avoid in styling products!

Re: Help a girl out please

My hair is super curly, thick and frizzy and I mostly use argan oil products on it. Mainly pro naturals Moroccan argan oil products, and maybe some almond oil. I use a few drops of argan oil on my hair after showering and that helps de-frizz and smooth my hair a lot!

Re: Help a girl out please

II've always air dry my hair. When in doubt French braid it (I prefer the inverse French braid). Here are the 2 ways I've been doing it. I prefer the higher end combo now as my hair is longer and less likely to hold natural curl... But still holding out on getting full sizes (samples right now) til I finish the drugstore products...


To bring out the waves/curls:

I start with a leave in conditioner - Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave In. I really like this, nice smell too.

Then I scrunch my hair with the Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly curl boosting mousse in hold #3 (strong hold).

Lastly I spray my hair with alight hold hairspray - this really helps to keep the strands together and less frizzy, it may look a little crunchy right after but it dries to perfection! Limit touching.


New favorite soft hair air drying:

To get really soft shiny waves I apply living proof nourishing styling cream followed by a little Agave oil sometimes wet and when dry or just when dry. I like to use these when I dry my hair in a braid. The braid really helps smooth down the hair too.


Also having a hair cut that works with your natural hair is a bonus. I don't really (curly on underside but wavy/straight on top - I like my hair all one length but I should probably get some layers/face framing angles to encourage more natural waving, right now it's weighed down by the length of the hair so it's flatter and straighter) but I fake an even hair texture with the braid. Good luck!

Re: Help a girl out please

Oh and I highly recommend the agave oil if you're willing to splurge. I got the little mini sizes of both the Moroccan oil and Moroccan oil light and just could not work with either. My hair is fine but there is a lot of it. I just didn't get the wow factor associated withMoroccan oil, and I tend to be heavy handed so that didn't help! Plus those are mostly silicone anyways.Agave oil smells divine I wish I knew the smell but it's a fruity delicious smell and it makes my hair look amazingly shiny but not in an over the top way. I get my hair colored with demipermanent dye every 3 months and that dye makes your hair look so shiny and healthy, but it looses it. Instead of paying for a glossing treatmeant I am using this... So so worth it, revives a couple day old hair as well makes it look a lot more healthy and vibrant.

Re: Help a girl out please

Oh, I've never heard of that brand before, where do you buy it?


Which of the two do you like better?

Re: Help a girl out please

I got it at my salon.  I had been having a terrible time with product buildup and my stylist suggested it.  For frizz the Silkening Oil is great.  For general hold I like the gel.  You don't have to use very much of either and it works wonders.  It also doesn't build up in my hair.

Re: Help a girl out please

I use Aquage Straightening Ultragel or Silkening Oil Treatment on my hair when wet, then let dry.  With either my hair doesn't get frizzy and keeps my natural wave.

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