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Help! Severely Damaged Hair

I have badly damaged hair. 2 months ago I bleached it and then dyed it red (and no, you dont have to lecture me on how bad that is for your hair) but the problem now is that its winter and on top of my hair already being damaged now its dry as ever! Im looking for the best shampoo, conditioner and hair mask that I could get to help bring my hair back to life. I plan to get most of it cut off in a few months, but Id like the remaining hair to be healthy. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

Re: Help! Severely Damaged Hair

What are you currently using?


It's good that you plan on getting a cut, this will do the most help in terms of actually eliminating dead, damaged, and dried ends.


In terms of hair products, are you wanting something that can help with preserving the color that you have now (the red) and providing moisture and damage control, or mainly just helping with the dryness?


I say go for products that are sulfate free for starters, sulfates are detergents that provide the lathering agent in many shampoos and soaps, but excessive use or depending on the hair type, they can strip hair of essential oils that is much needed.


If you can't commit to sulfate free products, find products that are at least rich in humectants and healing properties, if you can get a sulfate free formula that also has these then even better!


Humectants are moisture binding ingredients that help pull moisture particles to portions of strangs suffering from dryness. Many humectants come in the form of botanical extracts like fruit and plant oils. Things like apricot, olive, avocado, shea butter, mango butter, argan, and macadamia are all very hydrating, nourishing, and reparitive.


In addition to humectants, look for strengthening ingredients that come in the form of protein complexes. Things like keratin, amino acids, silk, and ceramides help bond to hair to give a smoother texture and look to strands.


Look into brands like Carol's Daughter, Redken's Real Control, It's a 10 (love their conditioning mask), and Frederik Fekkai (love the shea butter mask).


Forgot to add, Josie Maran's Argan oil is great, so is macadamia and Moroccan oil itself rubbed into the ends of hair Smiley Happy!


If you plan on ever coloring your hair, invest in Phyto's color treatment mask, it's a deep conditioning balm you use for the first 2 weeks after you color and that helps restore hair and lock in color during those first couple of washes to protect your color investment and then you switch back to your regular conditioner.

Re: Help! Severely Damaged Hair

I love Macadamia Hair Products 

I use their Rejuvenating Shampoo and Conditioner as well as their deep repair masque. This makes my hair feel super soft and I dyed my hair to red just this summer and my hair was super dry. These products are sulfate free. If you only want one, I say go with the Deep Repir Masque since its so moisturizering plus it smells good.

Re: Help! Severely Damaged Hair

I recommend scheduling a professional conditioning service at a reputable salon in your area ASAP. Hair stylists have access to intensive reconstructing and conditioning treatments that are not available to the average consumer.


If you are planning on getting most of your hair cut, I would would have that done sooner rather than later. The longer and thicker your hair is (and the more porous it is), the more product you will need to use. Save yourself money and frustration by cleaning up the damaged ends early.


In terms of products at Sephora, you may want to start with Carol's Daughter. You receive a fair amount of product for your money and all of the brand's lines seem to be moisturizing. Alterna's Caviar line is very good and I like Ojon's Restorative Hair Treatment too. Try a sample or the smaller size first of the Ojon treatment, as some people are sensitive to its fragrance.


I would definitely add a hair oil or two to your haircare routine. VO5 makes a really cheap hot oil treatment. Leave it on for one minute, put on a shower cap, and rinse prior to shampooing. Moroccan, argan, and/or olive oils are nourishing when used as a leave-in treatment. Shea butter is another option. Sephora has several excellent brands of hair oil to choose from.


Moisturizing shampoos and shampoos designed for color-treated hair will be your best bet. Look for sulfate-free and silicone-free versions, if possible. Outside of Sephora, I like Rene Furterer, Fekkai, Kerastase, and Kenra shampoos. Goldwell also makes shampoos and conditioners that deposit color.


My favorite hair mask is Kerastase Chronologiste (if you can afford it- this is the best!). Kerastase Masque Nutri-Thermique (or Masque Chroma Riche) and Rene Furterer Karite Intense Nourising Mask can be used as a mask or as a "daily" conditioner.


Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream and Phyto Phytolisse Finishing Serum can be used to add both shine and moisture to dry hair throughout the day. Good luck! 


Re: Help! Severely Damaged Hair

I recomend getting Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair. It has several types of oils in it to help restore shine, silkiness and makes your hair look glossier. The rare blend oil is Also a heat protectant, so it will help protect it from heat while also healing your hair. It absorbs into your hair quickly and easily, so it doesnt make your hair heavy and greasy. you only need a small amount: take a little on your finger tips and work this into your hair. I try to work from the under my hair of my hair up, this way i will not get excess oil on the top of my hair and make it look greasy. 

I find the Rare blend oil restores your hair\s silkiness and shine. i recomend it most because it really does help with shine and its meant for dry damaged hair. currently sephora is selling it in full size and for $42 for just the full size rare blend oil but for $44 you'll get a restoritive ojon shampoo and conditioner as well. here is the link:

Another product that i recomend is the Josie Maran Argan Oil. i mostly use it in my hair to make it softer after i use Ojon Rare Blend Oil. Together these two products make your hair REALLY soft and silky. but use a LITTLE of the argan oil, i find that unlike the rare blend oil it doesnt absorb into the hair as quickly, so use it moderately and work from the under of your hair up to aviod excess oil on the top of your head. Bonus of the Argan oil is that you use a little and plus the rest you can use on your skin and face. Argan oil is rich in fatty acids (more than olive oil) so it really helps heal your hair and skin, plus its all organic. 

If you just want the argan oil for your hair i recomend getting the 0.5 oz, thats all you need, just one drop and work it into your hair each night after you use the Rare Blend Oil. If you think youre going to use argan oil on your face and skin as well then i recomended this kit: it comes with a full size argan oil and foundation, it also comes with illuminizer and daily moisturizing cream for $64, where as buying just a full size argan oil by itself is $58

Anyways i hope this helps! you just need these two to restore shine softness and you only need very little of these oils. start by working with just your hair but after a few days i recomended one day massaging the oils into your hair, and the next day to massage the oils into your scalpe. then switch between these two applications each day. i do this every night after my hair as dried and i cannot tell you the amount of compliments ive gotten, my hair also doesnt tangle anymore, its amazing i love these two oils! but also look for deals like those two kits i sent you! 

Also! a good cheap tip: buy coconut oil from your grocery store and heat a little into a bowl and massage it into your scalp and into your hair strands. Keep it in for at least more than 2h. i usually put a cap on and sleep with it over night and wash it out. it will really help moisturize your hair. When i do this i usually do it twice a year a least, sometimes i try to do it more but i admit i never have enough time. I also recomend adding a bit of honey and heating it up, then add two drops of argan oil and a drop of rare blend oil and massage it into your hair. 

i hope this helps! good luck!

Re: Help! Severely Damaged Hair

Treat your hair like you would any other part of your body that has been over-exerted. This will mean avoiding heat for a while and yes getting rid of the parts of your hair that are irreversibly damaged.

Other things you need to look out for:

- switch to sulphate-free shampoo and especially look out for ones that are for dry/damaged hair. I find those to be more hydrating than the ones for color-treated hair.

- Invest in a good deep conditioning treatment. One that is thick and mask-like which you leave on your hair for 15-20 minutes under moist heat (or you could just put a plastic cap over your head to hold in your own body heat).

- Invest in a good leave-in conditioner. If your hair is thin you should probably choose a cream over an oil.

- Avoid any products that will make your hair brittle like gels or extreme hold hairsprays.

- If you aren't already, start taking vitamins that contain a good amount of Vitamin E and biotin this will help strengthen hair at the root.


Phyto, Oscar Blandi, Kerastase, Carol's Daughter, Aveda and Kiehl's all make great hair products.


Good Luck!

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