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Help Please!

I'm so glad to announce that my hair is finally 100% natural. It's been a very long journey to finally get to my original natural hair and I love it! But I have a little problem. I can't get the best results for my natural hair. What kind of shampoo and conditioner can I use that will give me the best results for a healthy looking hair without any chemicals or heavy texture feeling? I'm a very simple person. The truth is that the only two different brands that I have always use are Garnier and Herbal Essence. I realize that I need a change, a good change. My goal is to maintain very strong hair, healthy scalp and thick shinny hair. Can someone please help me? Any recommendations? Thanks.

Re: Help Please!

the most natural thing you can do for your hair is to stop washing it, period. 

Re: Help Please!

I was once every 3 weeks. It's my loving my hair day, where I wash and deep condition.

Re: Help Please!

, i'm wearing a weave in my pic but my real hair is an afro and i find that Wen doesn't strip my hair and make it feel hard like regular shampoo, of course i still have a daily regimen of moisturizing and conditioning, i've also heard a lot of good things about Deva Curl.  Hope this helps, when you said your hair is 100% natural and it was a long journey i'm assuming you have an afro also but if not Wen and Deva Curl are still great products for all hair types.

Re: Help Please!

Can you tell us something about your hair? It's unclear what you mean when you say 100% natural. My first thought was that you had grown out your color. (That's what I would mean if I said my hair was "finally 100% natural.") My second thought was that you are African American and you have grown out a perm and/or other chemical and mechanical processing. It's just not clear. If you give us more details we can definitely give you better recommendations.

Re: Help Please!

Yay! Congrats on embracing your natural hair. I've been natural for about 15 years and I love it! I would say look for a shampoo and conditioner with olive oil. And just as importantly, get some shea butter and a leavin-in conditioner, and work that through your hair about once a week. If you have a Sally's Beauty Supply by your house, go visit the ethnic hair aisle and pick up some products to experiment with. Also, check out the YouTube videos on natural hair and taking care of it. Also, take a look at the Natural Girls Rock page. I love it for hair and skin tips! Good luck! And congrats!

Re: Help Please!

Thank you.

Re: Help Please!

Hi Kixa! A lot of our clients with natural hair love the Carol's Daugther line.  The ingredients are natural and they work great with natural hair texture. Going along the same lines as DevaCurl and Wen, Carol's Daughter also has a cleansing conditioner.  It's called the Hair Milk™ Conditioning Co-Wash.  It has great reviews, you just have to get used to not having a lathering shampoo. (which you will after you see the results. Smiley Happy )


In addition to this, I would also recommend you try the Olive Oil Infusion At-Home Treatment. Smiley Happy  The main active ingredients in this treatment are olive oil, Pro-Vitamin B5 (to strengthen and soften), and Sunflower Seed Oil (to give deep nourishment).


Hope this helps! 




Re: Help Please!

I have to second carols daughter I love them...allll of their stuff! It's perfect for what you are looking for most products help protect against damage too. I haven't tried there shampoo and conditioner yet but that is seriously next on my list. But from using their damage repair products my boyfriend even noticed my hair looked healthier of course he assumed I just got a hair cut because he knows nothing about hair treatments


i have to start with the fact that my hairs always been natural I have blond fine hair that's wavy-curly


I was exactly the same as you I started using garnier because of commercials go figure and it was just a shampoo to me then I had a friend suggest herbal essence because it is less stripping of natural oils yet it does still strip them just a little less and yes i did notice shine from them.

then I tried Redken via my hairdresser I did really like the all soft shampoo it actually made my hair soft. And healthy feeling.

then I got a sample of caviar anti aging shampoo and I realized there is actually something I've been missing with high end shampoos. I started using just my itty bitty sample within one wash I kid you not my hair was super soft healthy looking shiney and my scalp felt amazingly soft I think because there was no product build up.
if you are trying to grow hair and keep your scalp healthy and keep away from product buildup I'd also suggest a detoxifying shampoo once a week.


i also got living proof thick as a sample and while I have to say it made my hair very manageable any more voluminous and detangled my hair didn't have that same soft no product build up feel. Oh btw while I don't suggest living proofs thickening shampoo I love their thickening hair styling product and they also have one that makes your hair style last longer....I used them both together and I have to say it definitely made my hair voluminous and stay that way however I it didn't exactly keep my hair straight or perfectly curly but I think it did help to keep away frizz a little I hear perfect hair day is also something to try by them


anywho back on topic I'm now using caviar Rx damage repair shampoo and conditioner....the really cool thing about this is you really don't have to use as much conditioner for it to coat all your hair and I've only used it twice so far I kid you not my hair actually feels stronger and thicker I'm not sure it looks thicker but it feels it like it's healthier I'm also looking into their detoxifying shampoo aveda also has a detoxyfifying shampoo but I think the price of there stuff is a bit rediculous Caviar also has a root and scalp stimulator I'm looking into. Caviar also has a hair mist for shine called kendi oil. Okay this stuff is cool I had a sample and tried it because I thought it would make my hair smell better after styling it I'm not to sure it did much for that because I didn't check because I was way too captivated by what really stood out to me about it. I was spraying it thinking it wasn't really spraying right because it's so different it doesn't leave your hair even the slightest bit wet so I was like whatever its not working right but later when I looked in the mirror my hair was just gorgeously golden and super shiney I've never seen it look so good. Shiney products have never really made me notice them much but this! Is amazing!


bottom line I obviously love caviar and carols daughter and I have to say they are definitely worth the $ 

if you have curly hair devacurl is awesome because it's a no shampoo so your hair will be healthier with it and wen is a you either love it or hate it product I've never tried it so I can't say....I didn't know carols daughter had a no poo but I seriously wanna try that thing like nowww! If it's a no poo and good for damaged hair I promise you that's the next thing I'm buying. (I don't have damaged hair it's just super long and thin and gets tangled easily so I damage protect like crazy because I want it to keep growing long and strong!




Re: Help Please!

I totally agree with Kevin and 1cros3nail4givn, Carol's Daughter is amazing.  I love every product I've tried, and haven't been disappointed yet.  My daughter has waist length hair and it's never looked healthier and shinier since using this line.

Re: Help Please!

Thank you Kevin, I'll check it out.

Re: Help Please!

I use  shampoo and conditioner from mizani or design essentials, and they are awesome! I also use coconut oil for my hair and scalp. I deep condition with hair mayonnaise by organic roots (drugstore).

Re: Help Please!

Thanks for your suggestions. :-)

Re: Help Please!

Congratulations on growing your natural hair! For me, healthy hair starts from the inside then out. Drink lots of water and add some omega supplements to your diet.



I've tried so many products, but I have sensitive skin, very long hair, oily/itchy scalp, occasional dandruff and it was a pain to find what worked, BUT I eventually did!!


I recommend SLS free shampoo, I like the shampoo from Organix in Macadamia oil, it really helpedto balance my oily and tendency to flake scalp, and it will not dry injury your hair and skin. You can find it at most drugstores and Target) I have very long hair so moisturizing is important to me too. Also use Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner. Lastly, I use a hair oil, I really like the one from Ojon, but castor oil or jojoba oil will do as well.  Both the shampoo and conditioner are my HG products and I really highly recommend them! Good luck finding your perfect products!

Re: Help Please!

Darcy's Botanicals, Nature's Gate and Aubrey Organics.

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