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Help On Growing Out Hair

So I've been growing my hair out, and I haven't seen a difference in growth the past month or so. I'm trying to do things like using less heat so my hair is healthier and grows faster. Some people recommend getting it cut often, but I just think that prevents it from getting long! What do you guys to do grow your hair out and keep it healthy?


Thanks !! 

Smiley Happy

Re: Help On Growing Out Hair

well i can say this maybe it will make u feel not all alone.... i spent over $5000 to keep my hair in grest shape and drow it long to cut it for cancer cause i was OPPORTIVE WORD IS WAS born with a great head og hair ....I should know better than to go to a woman I do not know have seen their work and sat down for ay least an hour b4 hand 2 talk about what i wanted and always bring plenty of pics... I needed my roots done and highlights, and I said 1/2 no longer than 1 iinch ... ////i have had my hait ruined 5 times each by a woman , but I did go to beauty school, the big thing was this "dont ever go to a woman u do not know, they get jealous , cut ur hair all the way off, and color good luck always get a pro coloist , well, she hacked it from my waist to my to my chin (like the Thomas Crown Affair but not, and colored my blonde hair pitch back like a witch, they wouldnt return my money i would always sugget against gettung it stripped as it will fall out , also i asked for semi permanent but she neglected to even say they didnt have it ... she said :" oh just go to a tanning bed" I was horrified, so ur telling me to get cancer cause of yout own mistake??? i thought this in my head... but I should know better right as i have my license, but all anyone and my dad will just blurt out omg!!! I say bad huh ?(he is a hetero male... if he said that it is bad.... even people that wont say anything were in shock...


so u r not alone here are jusy the tips of hunting down a randon person u like their hair get the nanme of their colorist/ vut / whatever u want get their name, sit down understand thm, they understand u ... and hold ur breathe and pray .... oh!!, i would say ther are diamonds in the rough at cheaper places or chains but i wouldnt reccomend them unless u either watch them work , or were referred but I was, and u get what u pay 4 comes into pl;ay....


BUT, THE REASON I CAME ON HERE IS BECAUSE .......... was to ask about what The world can I use in the deep soUth humid climate plus dry frizzy hair plus I need a colorist but I am looking for things products on how to stop my hair from falling out ,



I dont like much about myself, but I liked my hair I yarvel to PA and am in TN near Jackson//// and  PA near Allentown, Philly,Wilkrd BARRE READing if anyone could kindly recommend anyone I will drive far and wide .... for a grat colorist / my cut is so simple I just do it myself my husband evens it out and most of all  CAN ANYONE RECOMMEND A FULL REGIME FOR HAIR LIKE MINE?

I;  TO WHICH PRODUCYS I SHOULD USE ON MY BABY FINE DRY FRIZZY HAIR IVE GOT ALOIT OF IT BUT ITS FALLING OuT BUT MY SCALP IS DRY EVEN IF I MARINTE IN EXPENSIVE OILS OVER NIGHT, take vitamins .... SOMEBODY PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!  AND TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN SCALPED AND MISCOLORED MY HEART GOES OUT To u .... and do ur homework thoroughly a fabulous gay man has always been my go to 4 great hair .... and one woman who did what they dont seem to teach anymore, they on their own wheel out up 2 /5 different colors and use a base and put up 2 /4 colors in foils in it I LOST MY 2 MEN TO CA AND NOW CANT FIND SOMEONE WHO CAN COLOR LIKE THAT TO SAVE my life anyone who would go back and learn this process would make but bucks and good colorisys r sooo hard 2 find , (do not fall 4 the "everyone here is great saying while u call for a colorist rather chase girls down who have what u want in ur hair and ask them) 


please if anyone knows what i am sayinng as to this deep south humid climate, dry frizzy haired, alot of hair but  very baby fine breaks easily, and my scalp is now dry instead of oily i never thought i would want my oily hair back, and ... i have 2 say this was in case ur hair is sliding out in handfuls someone was kind enough to tell me thank you bev in NY for that info I use this site alot ) ..... Callie, beggin from the south and or PA  4 anyone to help me with my product/and climate  problem (YES I AM BEGGING 4 HELP ......}

sorry this shuffled and mumbo jumboed what i was saying but please i need help product recommendation/ in this climate and i wrote the areas in the country I go to in case someone can suggest a great colorist.....

Re: Help On Growing Out Hair

hi there!! i had my hair chopped/cut waaay too short like few months ago (i told the salon chic to give me layers and she freakin cut like 5 inches!!!); i was very angry! anyways, i noticed that washing my hair every other day made/makes my hair grow longer faster! and this may sound weird etc...but thinking naughty thoughts also helps...just try it out!!~ my hair is waist length now

Re: Help On Growing Out Hair

First of all that whole thing about trimming it every 6 to 8 weeks or whatever they say is a myth and I think a ploy to keep people heading to the salon. Unless you are really going to war with your hair there is no need to be that drastic!


My hair is relaxed and is quite long. about 16-18 inches from root to tip. Here are some of my tips:


- Switch to sulphate-free shampoo and only use a clarifying shampoo when you really feel like your hair is extra greasy (which should not be that often). Trust me, I wasn't on that whole "sulphate-free" kick but now that I've been doing it I can't go back. The difference in my hair is night and day.


- Unless you have hair that gets really dirty or greasy quickly there is no need to wash it every day.


- Invest in a good hydrating deep treatment from a reputable brand, preferably one that veers towards the natural side. I like Aveda, Carol's daughter monoi mask, Phyto, Kerastase, Pureology, Kiehl's and Oscar Blandi. Deep treat your hair once a week using either steam heat or put a plastic cap over your head and leave it for 30-45 minutes.


- Nexxus Pro-mend leave in treatment for split ends. That product is the real deal IMO. ONLY use it on the ends of your hair like it says.


- before putting ANY kind of heat on your hair put a leave-in heat protectant lotion in your hair while it's damp. People skip this step and it's probably one of the best ways to ensure your hair doesn't fry/break/split.


- Use heat protectant sprays before using any hot tool (curling iron, hot comb etc.).


- Depending on your hair type find a daily lotion, cream or serum that is light that you can put in your hair every day to help retain moisture. Avoid the scalp and just put it in the body of your hair (I like Biosilk).


- Find a hairdresser that won't lop off unecessary inches when giving you a trim. A good hairdresser should be able to take off the bare minimum or "dust" your hair depending on your needs.

- Use hair elastics without the metal fastener. you'll lose less hairs and there will be less snagging.


Finally, good hair comes from good health, multi-vitamins, Vitamin E, biotin etc are all key in maintaining healthy hair.


Re: Help On Growing Out Hair

I love Carol's Daughter Monoi Hair Mask for preventing and treating any damage such as breakage/split ends. I agree with the Biotin supplement- however I recommend Hair Skin and Nails by Andrew Lessman- they can be purchased at I have seen a huge improvement in all areas since starting to take these. Good luck! Smiley Happy

Re: Help On Growing Out Hair

You should aveda damage remedy daily hair repair. This did wonders for my hair. my hair used to be thin dryed out would break and now everyone asks me what i use. And my hair grows soo fast now before it would get to a certain length and just look thin or break now its soo thick, love it.

Re: Help On Growing Out Hair

What Beautylovingirl and Melissa said are both right. 


Trimming or cutting your hair won't make it grow any faster, but it will give you a better gauge of your hair growing in general. Like Beautylovingirl said, consistant trims keep the ends of hair healthy and free from split ends and damage, which can make hair look like a drab regardless of what length it is.


Keeping your hair well conditioned with products that contain strengthening and nourishing ingredients like amino acids, protein complexes, keratin, shea butter, apricot oil, macadamia oil, argan oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, mango butter, and silk proteins. 



Re: Help On Growing Out Hair

Well getting it trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks, because if you don't your going to get alot of fuzzy split ends and that's never pretty. Also washing your hair every 2 or 3 days and conditioning and making sure when you use heat tools or blow dryers you use a protectant and if at all possible try not using the heating tools or blow dryer. Hope this helps!

Re: Help On Growing Out Hair

Hi Gaileygal,

My friends who are hair stylist say its not true! You don't have to cut your hair often to make it grow faster. However, I think getting a small trim once in awhile keeps your ends looking fresh and healthy. I take supplements (Biotin) to help my hair grow. Taking vitamins really helps the health of your hair. Phytophanere Dietary Supplement - Hair & Nails

Phyto - Phytophanere Dietary Supplement - Hair & Nails

<3 Melissa
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