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Help! Oily hair--need shampoo suggestions

Hi!  I have medium-long hair that gets oily so easily.  I am beginning to believe that this is due to the cheap-ish shampoo I have been using for years (think drug store brands).  My hair is somewhat fine, but I have a lot of it.  It is usually so oily by the end of the day that I need to wash it again if I go out at night.  I know it is not good to wash it twice a day, but I'm at a loss for what to do!  Any shampoo suggestions?  Thanks much!

Re: Help! Oily hair--need shampoo suggestions

If your hair gets oily easily, it can be caused from a number of reasons from your own body chemistry/genetics giving you a predisposition of excess oil production from the scalp to your body's way of responding to products you've used.


Most shampoos on the market are comprised first of two ingredients, water and sodium laurel sulfate. Usually if you go to any drug store and grab a bottle the term "sulfate" is within the first 3-5 ingredients listed.


Sulfates are detergents and soaps that provide the rich, bubbly lather that gives you the visual of "clean" and "washing", but over time, excess or misuse of products rich in sulfates can strip hair of essential oils, leading to dry or brittleness, or even the chance of your scalp wanting to overproduce oil in compensation for all that it's frequently losing.


Since you state that you're washing your hair up to two times a day, the overload of sulfates can be affecting the oil production some or at least not help it any.


For starters, try to find sulfate free items. This will at least minimize your chances or stripping your hair and being harsh. Though you may think that since your hair is so oily having some sulfates "can't hurt" since they'll remove oil, sulfates don't boost or amp up the effectiveness of a product any. In other words, a sulfate free shampoo can still clean your hair just as well and remove excess oils, but not to the degree of harsh stripping.


Carol's Daughter makes a gentle, rosemary-mint, sulfate free shampoo that clarifys:


It relies on natural botanicals like rosemary to break down and remove unneeded oils, marine extracts to infuse much needed moisture (so your hair doesn't think it has to solely rely on self-produced oils), and peppermint to give a refreshing sense to the hair.


Another line I recommend you check out is Redken's Nature Rescue. It's a sulfate,paraben (parabens are a type of preservative), and silicone free (silicones can coat hair to block out humidity and help smooth, but used in excess can form water impervious bonds over hair, preventing actual moisture from penetrating and keeping strands healthy).


It's a great clarifying and purifying line that isn't heavy or weighted and helps to remove build up from oils and even environmental pollutants. The moisture it imparts is very balances, so you're not going to be replacing heavy-weighted, excess oils with heavy, thick conditioners that will make your hair lifeless.

Re: Help! Oily hair--need shampoo suggestions

Try Nexxus therappe shampoo and Humectress conditioner. I get mine from Costco so not too expensive. If you want to continue buying drugstore, only use volumizing. Like infusium. I have greasy hair too. Also a tip, brush your hair out before shower. Don't brush your scalp when styling or blow drying. only use heat protectant and a little hairspray. This way you get no buildup which looks even grosser in oily hair.

Re: Help! Oily hair--need shampoo suggestions

Thank you!!

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