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Hello a question

Hello a question someone knows how this brush is called and what brand or also know a similar product, I saw it in a publication of Allure scalp exfoliation I hope your response would help me a lot thanks.


descarga (3).jpeg





Re: Hello a question

@Uvyy I looked at the IG video and it just seems like a narrow nylon bristle brush. Search for "teasing brush". Here are some examples. She is just sectioning the hair and, instead of back combing for volume, she is just scratching against the scalp with the brush. If your concern is scalp health/ flaking, this won’t do much braided loosen the flakes. Hope this helps.F2F9F9A8-B82C-45F9-BE01-CAD40FA95987.png90A1C12B-6B66-408B-8EB1-8D2A46B22E92.png

Re: Hello a question

@makeitup305 Hello thank you the information is useful. 

my concern is that I have dandruff and also an oily scalp so it's as if I have sand with oil on my scalp.

I use a shampoo that my dermatologist recommended, it's a good product but it doesn't clean all the dandruff so I'm looking for a brush or comb that can clean in depth.

Re: Hello a question

@Uvyy I think this type of brush would do the trick to help loosen up some flakes. You could try applying the shampoo on dry or slightly damp hair and letting it sit for a bit (5-10 min), then working it in with the brush, like the lady did in the video. I used a prescribed ketoconazole shampoo (like Nizoral but 2% instead of 1%) as a pre-shampoo treatment when I was experiencing flaking and I felt that leaving it in helped more than just washing my hair with it in the shower. Be sure to be gentle when using the brush so you don’t irritate your scalp excessively. You could also try using an apple cider vinegar rinse with the brush on the days you don’t use the shampoo.

Re: Hello a question

@makeitup305 the shampoo i use is also prescription ketoconazole but with collagen i use it 3 times a week i wash it in two parts first i apply the shampoo i massage and rinse then i apply the shampoo again and leave it for 5 minutes and rinse again that's how my dermatologist explained to me it's the only shampoo i use this helps me but I feel that if instead of massaging I gently exfoliate with a brush or comb it would help me more something also to keep in mind is that I have a very sensitive scalp plus I have very curly and very dry hair so I try to space it out between washes to not dry out my hair.

Re: Hello a question

@Uvyy I think the brush might help, it’s worth a try. You can also try one of the scalp massaging brushes BREAD BEAUTY SUPPLY scalp-thingy™ scalp stimulator & massager or SEPHORA COLLECTION Scalp Massager or even just a Tangle Teaser. Have you tried putting an oil or using a pre shampoo treatment on your middle and ends before washing to maybe prevent overdrying? Usually with curly hair you might avoid silicones but it might helpful to help you retain moisture since you’re washing so often.

Re: Hello a question

@makeitup305 I will try the brushes and the scalp brush, could you send me again the link of the Bread and Sephora scalp brush because when I click on it the page does not find the product, regarding the oils or the pre shampoo before I used to use hair oils but now as I am prone to acne I am not doing it but I will see what I can do and I should look for more information about the pre shampoo because I have not tried it.
I know they recommend avoiding silicones in curly hair but I prefer to do what my dermatologist recommends because I have tried many products but they haven't helped me.

Re: Hello a question

@Uvyy If you can’t find the products, try searching for scalp massager on Sephora or Ulta (or even amazon). I think any of the options will do. You could use a hair oil as a mask the night before and put it up in a bun or in a cap so it doesn’t break you out. I searched and found the  Curlsmith Super Slip Pre-Wash Primer, which looks really interesting because you’re just supposed to use it under a clarifying shampoo without rinsing it out first. That seems like a great choice. The Mane Choice Heavenly Halo Pre-Poo seems to have very nice hydrating ingredients. I haven’t tried either but the ingredients seem good and both have decent reviews. You can keep it at the middle and ends of your hair so it doesn’t mess with your scalp. You can also consult your derm about using them along with your prescribed shampoo.

Silicones are usually in conditioner and styling products so depending on what conditioner you’re pairing your shampoo with, it may or may not have them. Idk if your derm recommended a conditioner as well but using a conditioner with some silicones might prevent your hair from overdrying since it’s getting washed with a strong shampoo often.

Re: Hello a question

@makeitup305 I will look into scalp brushes and also see if I can use pre shampoo or oils. My dermatologist didn't recommend any conditioner in particular, just not to apply it on the scalp because it causes dandruff, I have to apply it from the middle to the ends.

Re: Hello a question

@Uvyy @You could do a search for scalp exfoliator brush. 

Re: Hello a question

@SportyGirly125 hello, thanks for reply I was looking here on Sephora and also on the Internet and I haven't found anything similar at the moment.


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