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Heavy hair causing neck pain! Ponytail alternatives?

I have thick hair. And my husband likes long hair, so I've tried to keep it long. But it irritates me to no end when my hair is in my face while I'm working. So, I usually put it in a pony tail. The problem is that if I put my hair in even a loose pony tail too often, I get severe neck cramps. I cut my hair several months ago hoping it would fix the problem, but to no avail. Is there a way I can wear my hair which will keep it out of my face, look stylish, and keep the weight of it off of my neck? Does anyone else have this problem??



UPDATE: Thank you all for your responses! Currently, my hair is layered, but not thinned (to my knowledge, anyway). My hair is straight, and fine. I just have a lot of it. Enough that I can't pull all of it into a normal size barrette, if that helps any. I will try some of the alternatives that have been suggested here.

Re: Heavy hair causing neck pain! Ponytail alternatives?

Thick haired girls best friend;


Donald scott/NY carving comb/wide tooth

paul mitchell protools


and the NY Twist Razor

(carving comb that takes off more)


I got mine online at regis pro tools

tha vidoes are short/amazing


Re: Heavy hair causing neck pain! Ponytail alternatives?

I have to agree that you may want to try thinning out the hair a bit with a razor. If you do go with a razor cut, make sure you use a good  hydrating and repairing masque or treatment since razoring the hair slices the hair strands and can sometimes cause more damage or dryness.  

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Heavy hair causing neck pain! Styling suggestions?

Have you tried having your hair thinned out and maybe layered to lighten it so you can fix it so it will stay out of your face and lighten the amount of hair so it won't be so hard on your neck and be more comfortable for you. Hope this helps.

Re: Heavy hair causing neck pain! Styling suggestions?

I used to wear tight pony tail all the time and my hair's paying the price. Have you tried a loose braid? or if I don't want to put my hair up, I just tie, braid or clip top half of my hair like this:


Tho usually I just put on a wide headband and it was fine.

Re: Heavy hair causing neck pain! Styling suggestions?

When you state that you've had your hair cut, what type of style did you get it cut?


My hair is to my hips and quite thick, though I've never experienced it causing me any neck pain, I will say that a proper style/cut will allow for your hair to feel more light.


Avoid cuts that are all one length or primarily all one length. Try to get more varied layers to take some weight off along with razoring the ends so they're not as blunt and thick feeling. Razoring will also give a more organic look to the ends and allow you to keep length. Also, try to get your hair cut in a manner where the length can taper to a center point as opposed of being straight across the back. Try a layered, razored look, something to where the ends will look like this in shape:


I'm not sure of the texture of your hair (curly, kinky, wavy, etc.) or the actual length (elbows, mid-back, waist, etc.), but keeping hair freshly cut and styled will also prevent long hair from looking like a weighted drag.

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