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Hat hair every day!!

I have to wear a hat every day at work, and the environment I am in is very sandy and dry.  I find myself having to wash my hair almost everyday or every other day.  I hate doing this for lots of reasons.  I have curly hair so most of the time I flat iron it before I go on shift and I can leave it down because it does not go past my collar.  My routine goes as follows:


Wash with head and shoulders (with almond oil)

Condition with Garnier sleek and shine

After shower:

Macadamia nut oil

garnier leave in conditioner

CHI 44 gaurd


I use the head and shoulders because I was seeing some dandruff.  Am I doing this right or should I be doing something different?

Re: Hat hair every day!!

The first thing that I would do is make sure that you actually have dandruff and not just a dry scalp, since they are two separate conditions. I quick google search will confirm whether or not you actually have dandruff. If you do, you're most likely using too many oil based hair prouducts and won't help you much. If you don't I would change shampoos to that is specifically for dry scalps/ hair. Need recommendations? Let me know. Smiley Happy

Re: Hat hair every day!!

I hate wearing the hat but its part of the army uniforI, when I get back home I don't think I'll have this issue.  I didn't have it when I was home.  I choose H&S because it was that or the neutrogena T-gel, and I knew how the H&S worked but wasn't sure about the T-gel.  They don't have much of a selection of products here lol.

Re: Hat hair every day!!

I believe the T-Gel offers a bit more of a range in strength/potency.



Re: Hat hair every day!!

You could have dry scalp from where you work and wearing the hat. Instead of the head and shoulders I suggest you try Pantene's dandruff shampoo.  It is better and milder than h&s.  Good luck.  

Re: Hat hair every day!!

You can use H&S, as with most anti-dandruff shampoos the main ingredient is zinc. Though there are formulas out there with higher percentages (T-Sal from Neutrogena), most brands tend to stay the same across the board in percentages used.


Try using the anti-dandruff formula maybe every other time, or everything second time you shampoo if dandruff itself isn't the main concern or issue at hand you wish to treat. It could be just a side effect from your hair/scalp being very dry and leading to flakes forming. Try investing in a good hydrating and conditioning regimen first before committing full blown to a anti-dandruff shampoo all together.


Since you flat iron your hair and also have curly hair, it's very important to keep your hair type well hydrated, especially when factoring in your external/exvironmental conditions. Look for sulfate free products that are also rich in humectants (moisture binding ingredients) so you're not relying on shampoos with harsh detergents and soaps to strip essential and much needed oils your hair and scalp need.


Brands like Redken (Curvaceous, Real Control, All Soft), Carol's Daughter, Ojon, and It's a 10 all offer great options to look into. Also DevaCurl is a great line for curly hair!


Try using a serum based heat protector like Redken's Heat Glide rather than a spray as sprays are lighter weight and better suited for fine/normal hair. You curly hair may be more porous and need the extra moisture binding formula of a serum to help keep hair straight yet moisturized.

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