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Hairspray that won't leave flakes??

I have very dry hair and have found that it looks much better if I don't wash it everyday. In fact, since I've been using Wen cleansing conditioners to "wash" my hair, I can easily go 4 to 5 days without washing.  Smiley HappyThis depends, of course, on time of year and what I've been doing but my hair simply doesn't get greasy. However, I'm a hairspray junkie and need a strong hold spray that will not leave flakes. Actually, I'm interested in any and all hair products that won't leave residue and flakes. Anything to help hydrate and/or hold. Thanks! Smiley Happy

My favorite sprays are Redkin #12 for a loose hold or Red...

My favorite sprays are Redkin #12 for a loose hold or Redkin #18 for a firm hold.  I keep both on hand and use according to what kind of style I'm wearing and what type of hold I need on any given day.  You can purchase Redkin hairsprays at any hair salon or Ulta.  My hair is color-treated so I don't wash it everyday and I have no problem with the Redkin hairspray flaking up.

Hope this helps. Smiley Happy

First thing that I want to share with you is that you nee...

First thing that I want to share with you is that you need to use an alcohol-free hair spray!!  The alcohol in hairspray with dehydrate anyone's hair and cause each hair to appear thinner and you have dry hair so this is even more important for you.  There are many amazing hold hairsprays that don't contain alcohol.  As far as flaking, I have never had a hairspray give me flakes so, I'm not sure how to guide you on this front.


To great hair days ahead!

My favoirte hairspray is Loreal Elnett hairspray.  It acu...

My favoirte hairspray is Loreal Elnett hairspray.  It acutally does as it advertises and brushes out.  I've never had a problem with it flaking or getting crunchy.  You can find it at Target for $14.

I'm just the same: I like a strong hold, but hate the gro...

I'm just the same: I like a strong hold, but hate the gross flakes that happen with most hairsprays! But Sephora does sell a couple fabulous hairprays that I think would work great for you as they do for me: Living Proof "Hold Firm Hairspray." This is a quick-drying hairspray that gives you the hold you want and doesn't flake. This hairspray adds shine and will hold your style all day long! However, it should be noted that this one is only a good choice if you just use hairspray once you're done styling. If you like to play around with your hairstyle after you spray, a better choice would be Living Proof "Flexible Hold Hairspray." With this kind, the hold actually is flexible (most hairsprays claim this, but with this one, it's really true) and you can play around with your style after you spray, if need be. This hairspray doesn't flake or get greasy either, but it doesn't make hair quite as shiny and healthy-looking as the "Hold Firm Hairspray" does. I hope all this helps you! Smiley Happy

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