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Hair thinning especially at roots, will extensions help?

My hair is naturally fine and very straight, but has recently become much more thin.  It is most noticeable at the roots to the left of where I part my hair.  I'm not 100% sure of the cause, but it is most likely due to either damage from hair coloring, birth control, or stress.  Since I feel like the thinning/hair loss is most noticeable at my roots where I part my hair, I want to find something that will make it less noticeable now- since I know it can take a while to grow hair back (if it even ever does).  I'm wondering if hair exetensions will help?  I've never used extensions before, so I really have no idea if they'll work.  And since my hair is most noticeably thin on my scalp in front, I'm wondering how I would clip in the extensions to add the illusion of fullness while also being able to hide the clip.  This is really distressing, since although my hair has always been fine, it used to be much more full, so that I could part my hair off to the side and have the other part of my hair come across my forehead.  Now I can't really do that, and my forehead looks bigger as a result (if that makes sense).


Thanks for any advice you can give me!  

Re: Hair thinning especially at roots, will extensions help?

I got to know about the hair extensions and since then I have used the hair extensions to add volume and length to my thin hair.

Re: Hair thinning especially at roots, will extensions help?

Thanks for all the help and advice!  I'm not going to do the extensions because they are way too expensive and the advice given here suggests they may just cause more stress (although the people at the hair salon said the sewn in ones will not stress the hair). 


-  I color my hair using permanent color every 3-6 months, but the hairdresser assured me that hair color won't cause hair loss (unless you develop an allergic reaction of course).  Not sure if I agree with that.


-  I've mainly used the Pureology products (which seem to be ok), but right now I'm trying the Drybar Happy Hour shampoo and conditioner which seem to work well.  I also use the Ouidad Bay Lead exfoliating hair treatment 3 times a week which I think works well.  The only products I use are the Alterna bamboo color care UV fluid, Ojon damage reverse serum, Bumble&bumble straight blow dry (helps stop my ends from flipping up), and Living Proof full thickening mousse.  I think all those products are good and should only help my hair, not make it worse or damage it.  I only blow dry my hair about once a week.  Unfortunately I need to wash my hair every day, because it's just too oily (I know if I were to cut back on the washing it would cut back on the oil production, but that's a difficult cycle to start especially when I have oily/acne prone skin that can get more oily if my hair touches my face).


-  I eat really healthy and I exercise almost every day, so that's not the culprit.  But, I have depression and anxiety (and lots of stress) AND I'm on 3 medications for most likely that is the culprit, but there is not much I can do about that, and it's really difficult to determine what is causing what.  I recently had bloodwork done including a thyroid panel, so that may be a contributor.  


-  Some things I've found that have worked- from advice given on another post, I've been squeezing out the excess water from my hair after shampooing before applying conditioner, and then applying conditioner and combing it through at the ends (I have very tangly hair).  That's really helped to cut down on the tangles and thus shedding.  Also, instead of combing through my hair again right after I get out of the shower, I squeeze the water out with a towel, let it air dry for a few hours, and then once it is just slightly damp I apply the products and comb through it.  There are much, much less tangles and I don't have to rip through my hair- the comb goes through it very easily.  After doing that for about a week and using the Drybar shampoo & conditioner, I thought I noticed an improvement at least in appearance (maybe not actual growth), but my boyfriend said he doesn't think there has been any change.


-  Also, my dermatologist prescribed me Spironolactone which I've been on for a month, but I know it can take awhile to see changes due to actual, new growth.  Has anyone tried this?  I read that it can interfere with anti-depressants, so I really don't want to take it if it doesn't help my hair loss significantly.


-  Has anyone tried the Nioxin products?  I got the Level 4 system (haven't used it yet).  I honestly don't know if my hair would be considered 'thin-looking' or 'noticeably thinning' and if it's bad to use the 'noticeably thinning' system if you only have 'thin-looking' hair.  Seems to me that using the 'noticeably thinning' system could only be better.

Re: Hair thinning especially at roots, will extensions help?

I have thick hair, but when I was in HS I had bleach blonde hair & would get my roots done every month or so. It really took a toll on my hair. My hairdress made me switch to nioxin (level 2 I think, not sure it was over 10 years ago) & it helped a lot. I know it's meant for thinning hair, but I did some serious damage to mine. New growth will take time and you can't change what's already grown out. 

Also, Phyto has nice oil treatments that are supposed to stimulate the scalp that you use once a week. 

Re: Hair thinning especially at roots, will extensions help?

Underactive Thyroid *may* be the culprit and it effercts women more often than men.  if it's been a while since you been to the doc, consider getting a checkup. 

Re: Hair thinning especially at roots, will extensions help?

A lot of the below replies I agree with. Extensions even just clip in can cause more stress on the roots of your hair leading to more hair loss and thinning. Many people underestimate the stress that products, chemicals and heat put on their hair and how delicate it is. Stress, diet, and medications can be big culprits, this is why you should always check with a doctor to see if additional medical attention is needed. I switched almost two years ago to sulfate free shampoo/conditioner, cutting down dramatically on heat styling and color, and changing my diet. My hair went from thin and fine to thick and tons of it! I normally use Wen now or sulfate/paraben free products, wash every couple days, limit color to semi/demi every 3-4 months, use heat tools as little as possible as low as 300 degrees, and eat better. Big changes, but better all around. This is just what personally worked for me, but I believe more is not always better. You could always try incorporating small changes to see if they give you any improvements! 

Re: Hair thinning especially at roots, will extensions help?

Ah, no extensions!!  I had some issues with hair loss a while back.  Not sure if we have the same issue but I was going to get a haircut and my stylist ran his hand through my hair and a lot of hair (more than usual) came out on his hand.  AHH!


For me, I have fine hair so I was over doing it with the hair products to make my hair look "fuller".  I had to lay off on putting too much heat and styling my hair for a while.  I also started using a large tooth comb to brush my hair rather than what I normally used.  And I tried not to brush my hair too much since it made my hair super oily and flat when I brushed my hair.  It wasn't too bad though since my hair is fine and short, I can really get by with brushing my hair with my fingers. 


Also, like Pinkster8 mentioned, I had a bad diet.  I was stressing out at work and not eating right and not eating at the times I should.  To top it off, I increased my caffine intake which was bad for my skin!


The main downfall of trying to go back to a healthier lifestyle was that I did have to manage dealing with my super flat hair but definately worth taking care of youself from within (we all deserve that) and it will definately show on the outside...good luck to you and let us know how you're doing.


Oh, on a side note, I've been using Lush's Shampoo called Seanik and it works really well and gives me more volume to my poor fine hair.  It's not your typical shampoo (it looks like a bar of soap) but works really well and is vegan.   

Re: Hair thinning especially at roots, will extensions help?

I agree with melissa93 - extensions would be a bad idea right now, as they would put a lot of stress on your roots and cause more hair fall. I understand this is distressing. I would try going sulfate-free, like melissa93 said, and you could also try scalp massage using coconut or olive oil to try to stimulate growth and help improve your scalp's health. You could also try a simple multivamin, in case you're lacking anything in your diet. I hope this helps, and good luck!

Re: Hair thinning especially at roots, will extensions help?

Well hair extensions could be bad since you have to clip them on your hair which could pull and break some other hair away if you're not careful. Are you using shampoo with sulfates in them? If so, then that might be the case. I know a lot of people who experienced hair thinning from years of using shampoos with sulfates, including myself. My hair used to have a lot of volume and was super thick, but then I noticed it getting dull, limp and thinner. I've been using Pureology, which is also vegan, and my hair is a lot healthier and my hair is color treated. I know not all sulfates are bad but you should probably look into that. Smiley Happy 

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