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Hair products are breaking me out!

It seems that no matter what line of hair products I try -- shampoo, conditioner, sprays, and leave in moisturizers, etc -- even if they claim to be natural, they break me out along the part of my forehead where my hair falls. I can't figure out if there's a specific ingredient that I have a reaction to because I've tried so many contrasting brands like Nexxus, Bumble and Bumble, Bedhead, and Garnier. Does anyone have tips for choosing hypoallergenic hair products, certain ingredients I might be allergic to, or specific products I might enjoy? I have dry, non color treated shoulder length hair. 

Re: Hair products are breaking me out!

Without knowing specifically what ingredients your are allergic to, it's going to be tough deciphering what line or product may or may not work for you.


Try getting an allergy test done or visiting your dermatologist to see what sensitivies you may have to certain ingredients commonly found in hair products.


There's a lot of natural, homeopathic recipes for cleanses, rinses, and products online, but even if an ingredient is "natural" doesn't mean you don't have an allergy to it.


Aloe vera gel works great as a styling gel and should help soothe any irritations you get, I'm a fan of Redken's Nature Rescue line, maybe look into that and consult with your local derm to see if it's a line you should try.

Re: Hair products are breaking me out!

I don't know what products would help, but I know a friend who has this problem. She has bangs and she gets pimples where they hit her head. The trick she uses is to clip her bangs back or wear headbands. 

Sorry I couldn't be more of a help but while you're figuring it out you could give these a try


~We are all beautiful~

Re: Hair products are breaking me out!

Is it just your hairline and nowhere else on the scalp? Do you apply make up (foundation/powder) and blend up to your hairlines? do you use cleanser/toner/serum/moisturizer up to your hairlines?


I have the opposite problem where I sometimes get pimples in my scalp, but ever since I start rubbing toner on my face all the way to my hairline, I don't break out along my hairline ever. It's where the hair and face products meet, so it might be due to some residue or something.


The two shampoo I've never had problems with regardless of weather are Hello Hydration from Herbal Essence (blue bottle) and Whenever shampoo from Kiss My Face (natural, organic?, green bottle).

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