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Hair product for air drying thick curly hair

Hi I am looking for a product to help tame my hair when I air dry it. When my hair air dries it ends up looking really dry, fluffy, frizzy and too curly - I would love a serum that leaves my hair smooth and managable. I find my hair looks best when it's a little dirty like after running my hands through it all day, that is the only way to tame my curls into loose waves. Is there a product that can do this instantly after applying? Like some kind of oil or smoothing serum perhaps?? Thanks! Smiley Happy


I was looking into buying Frederic Fekkai - Glossing Cream with Olive Oil but is there something that would work even better?

Re: Hair product for air drying thick curly hair

To prevent and combat frizz, but also help tame and manage curly hair, look for products in lines made for curly hair or just smoothing in general. Look for items that are sulfate free as sulfates are detergents/soaps that can dry out strands and strip essential oils from your hair.


Here's a run down on some brands:


-Deva Curl, designed for curly hair, has a variety of either low or sulfate free shampoos/conditioners, and styling products.


-Redken Curvaceous, designed for curly hair from waves to spirals, it's what I currently use and love (my hair is wavy, super thick, and long), sulfate free products, the conditioner can be left in to further condition and to enhance shape, also has a line of creams and serums to style.


-Living Proof No Frizz, the line is made with no silicones or waxes that weigh down strands and uses what's called polyfluroesters to smooth and tame strands whether your hair is coarse, curly, thin, thick, or colored, I've used this line and saw great results, especially at the ends of my hair.


Like others have mentioned, keep your hands out of your hair if possible during the drying time. Running your hands through your hair breaks up curls and also splays hair out in different directions. Try to keep touching to a minimum, using scrunching or grabbing motions to distribute product. Twist sections and pieces of hair to enhance curl and to keep strands more together if you notice areas looking wild. Don't rub your hair with a towel when you're drying it, pat and blot your hair with a towel or even microfiber towel to prevent frizz and static.


Re: Hair product for air drying thick curly hair

I'm going to add on to this.  When looking for a product, make sure you understand what you are looking for in a curl appearance: soft or more defined.  Also, some brands cater to different type of curls - the creams more for ethnic hair, gels for more frizzier curls.


When blowdrying curly hair, it is important to use a finger disffuser.  It will distribute air around the curl, preventing it from frizzing.  Also, make sure that you do not dry it all the way - let it air dry somewhat to prevent frizz from forming.

Re: Hair product for air drying thick curly hair

You can also try Carols Daughter, the hair milk line is wonderful and so is the monoi products! Try putting organic coconut oil in your hair at night or saturate it a couple of hours before you shampoo it and if you can, try not to shampoo too often...sometimes just run conditioner through your hair instead of shampoo! Hope these tips help Smiley Surprised)

Re: Hair product for air drying thick curly hair

I will agree with rose - stop touching your hair.  You will only cause it to frizz more.  I use the Be Curly line the controller and the serum and I like it.  However, it can get crunchy if you use too much product.  If it happens, wait until your hair is completely dry before scrunching out the crunch to avoid frizz.


JessiCurl and DevaCurl are other lines made specifically for curly hair.  Also, if your hair still seems hard to control, use a leave in conditioner daily.


I believe your hair ends up like mine - spirls - and therefore, you need more then just a cream to make a more defined curl.  Gels work best with a cream.

Re: Hair product for air drying thick curly hair


Re: Hair product for air drying thick curly hair

Can I give some advice from a fellow curly headed lady? The two biggest lessons I learned over the years, regardless of product: 1) Use an old cotton tshirt to squeeze out your hair after your shower. Usually drying with towels will break your hair too easily. 2) Stop touching your hair. LOL This was so hard for me to do, but every time you touch your hair you encourage the curl "halo" (aka frizz) to grow. Smiley Happy

Re: Hair product for air drying thick curly hair

Try Aveda's Be Curly line.  It softens the curl while adding moisture.  You can also use their smoothing line.  Their shampoo & conditioner from that line alone will make a huge difference for you!

Re: Hair product for air drying thick curly hair

okay I will look into those products, thank you!!

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