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Hair loss help

I'm in my 20s and recently started to experience hair fallout. This is more then the typical hair fallout, i have small clumps of hair fallout, I started to worry as the amount if hair I have seems to be half of what I used to have. My pony used to be thick and full now it's half the size and my hair is thin. I don't see any bald spots or I'd be freaking. Has anyone ever experienced anything similar? I have not changed my diet nor have I colored my hair in the past few months. I stopped using heat once I noticed the problem and only use a straightner abount 1-2 times a week. my hair used to be dry but it seems to be oily now. I just added a biotin supplement hoping it will help. Any suggestions?

Re: Hair loss help

I would actually recommend going to the doctor and getting a check up on this.


Since you say it's actual clumps that have fallen out and that you've noticed a significant difference in the thickness of your hair, that to me shows that it's not a mere case of mild stress, wearing your hair too tight, and for the fact you say your diet and hair care routine hasn't been altered.


It may be an actual chemical change or shift that's occured in your body since you also mention the change from dry to oily.

Re: Hair loss help

Definitely go to the doctor and have your thyroid checked.  Once any problems with your thyroid are ruled out, you and your doctor can move on to other culprits like stress.

Re: Hair loss help

Hi AveeLynn, 


The other ladies have already said it but get this checked out by your doctor! If it is larger clumps of hair it could be an over or underactive thyroid (mine is overactive and caused me the same issue until I visited a doctor). You may need medication that can help your thyroid and over time your hair will slowly come back to normal. For your own health and safety, check with a doctor to be sure! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Hair loss help

Hi AveeLynn,


I have many clients who experience hair loss at different points in their life. Most of the time this is due to natural hormonal changes. Most people do experience a reduction in hair density as they age. 


If I had a nickel for everytime someone told me how their ponytail was once much fuller... Well, I'd have a big ol' jar of nickels Smiley Happy


What you've already started doing is great! Reducing the amount of heat used on your hair whether with hairstyling implements or in the shower can help with hair retention. Biotin is also a great choice and many of my clients have had success when using it, just be sure to be consistent and remember it may take time for you to see results.


Supplements containing folic acid are another good option. You can also work more foods high in folate (Vitamin B6) into your diet. My favorites are asparagus and spinach, yummy!


And lastly keep in mind that the average person does lose around 100 hairs per day and when you have longer hair 100 can seem like a lot. If you are truly concerned you should definitely consult a physician.


I hope this helps :-)

Re: Hair loss help

My hair falls out all the time....... 

Re: Hair loss help


Re: Hair loss help

Try Provillus. You must use this product religously for six months to see results. Anything less IS a waste of money. Check out below to learn more.


Re: Hair loss help

On a side note, though Sephora/Beauty Talk allows for the mention and even recommendations of outside products, they do frown upon direct/outside links.


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Re: Hair loss help

Hello, thank you for your replies.

Update on my hair condition, I am happy to report that I am no longer experiencing excessive hair fallout like I was. I visited my doctor & he found nothing wrong. He suggested a healthier diet & daily multi vitamin. He also suggested I keep taking the additional biotin vitamin as some multi vitamins only have a small amount in them. He suggested a drug store shampoo line to my surprise, the Fall Fight line from Garnier Fructis, I must say it has worked wonders. I especially love the spray treatment. My hair is no longer falling and is much stronger. The oiliness has reduced and now I must face the daily challenge of taming all the baby hair, which I don't mind at all. It is still not as thick and full as it once was, but I have seen a great improvement in the past 3 months. I can now run my brush/fingers through my hair with out fear. I continue to only use heat 1-3 times a week and wash every few days. I seriously do recommended the Garnier Fructis Fall Fight line, only shampoo & conditioner I've used these past few months.

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