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Hair is breaking off & is very damaged & dry

My hair is very brittle, damaged, feels rough & is breaking off. My hair isn't growing & it just keeps breaking off more & more daily! I don't know what to do! Smiley Sad It makes me want to cry! I've tried so many different kinds of products & treatments & shampoos/conditoners for my hair & I can't seem to find anything that's helping. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get my hair back to shape again?

Here's what I find that works. Get a trim, every 6 weeks...

Here's what I find that works.

Get a trim, every 6 weeks until it's healthy, then maybe 8 weeks.

Eat right, eat plenty of protein and healthy oils like nuts and olive oil.

Stop bleaching your hair, if you do, go back to your natural color.

If you really have to stay a fake blonde, use a lightening spray like John Freida Go Blonder, spray it on your roots to prolong the time between dyes.

Get a good shampoo and conditioner, Aveda is the best, Damage Remedy, but it's really expensive, you could get a liter bottle of one of their cheaper shampoos like Chamomile, and use the Damage Remedy conditioner.  If these are too expensive all together, I really like Dove products too, the Intensive line is pretty good.  Be sure to get a good deep conditioner if the only product you get from Aveda is the Damage Remedy Intense Treament, it's a deep conditioner.  You should do this twice a week, shampoo your hair, apply a liberal amount of deep conditioner, comb thru, wrap in a towel, leave on 30 mins to overnight.

I am sorry to hear that your hair is breaking.:smileysad:...

I am sorry to hear that your hair is breaking.Smiley Sad I have had a similar issue due to too much highlighting! I think that you should try the Bumble and Bumble Mending line. It will help repair damage that is done to the hair and will make it stronger. The products are great quality and very rich.  I think you might want to see a doctor is your hair keeps breaking just in case. I hope that this information helps.


Mending Shampoo

Mending Conditioner

Mending Complex

<3 Melissa

Step one: Either quit using heat products or use a heat p...

Step one: Either quit using heat products or use a heat protectant before using said heat products.

Step two: Get a trim. Often split ends can do damage to hair.

Step three: Use a deep conditioner several times a week. I like to leave mine on overnight, because mine is also very dry.

Step four: If all else fails, go to a salon and get a heat-powered conditioning deep treatment. That really works, but it is extremely expensive.


Hope this helps!!!!!!!

My roommate constantly colors her hair and used heat almo...

My roommate constantly colors her hair and used heat almost everyday. Her hair used to look damaged and broke every easily. She tried a bunch of products but the ones that worked for her were:


Redkin Clear Moisture - her holy grail shampoo

Redkin Time Reversal Conditioner - she said made her hair smooth and soft but did not weight it down

Shiseido Tsubaki Golden Head Spa Treatment - her weekly hair treatment

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Pure Treatment Oil - she applies it on towel dried hair


Even with all of these products what really transformed her hair was taking a break from hair dye, curling, and straightening. She also cut off about six inches of hair. When her hair did grow back it was not as frizzy and looked healthier. 

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