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Hair help!

I've had the Sephora app for years and just noticed this community section! Anyway, I got long down to my butt, however, it's full of breaking I know I need to cut a few inches off. 

My hair tends to be very dry towards the ends. I don't blow-dry, wash my hair 1-2 a week. I don't use heat products. Just annoying that my hair never grows and looks healthy and full all the way through. 


Otherwise my hair is normal.


Wondering what products are good for breakage? If that's my issue idk

Also open to shampoo/conditioner/treatment suggestions! 

Thanks 🙂 


Re: Hair help!


I would beg to differ that your hair doesn’t grow if it’s down to your butt 😛


Fun Fact: while our hair isn’t a living part of our body once it grows out of our scalp, the bulb is still alive under your scalp. Your hair doesn’t have a pre-determined length it will grow to then just stop - however it’s genetics and time that determine this. If your hair is at the end of its pre-determined growth cycle, and it’s as long as you say it is, it will simply break off or you need to cut it off (a healthy trim). It will start growing again at that point. 

I wouldn’t purchase any products until you’ve had a cut. Once you’ve had a cut (healthy trim) OUAI Detangling and Frizz Fighting Leave in Conditioner 4.7 oz/ 140 mL i would start with. 

Re: Hair help!

Sadly they don't carry it at Sephora, but the best product I have found for dry/split ends and color/chemical treated hair is Lanza Trauma Treatment. Also frequent trims are important for hair health. 

Re: Hair help!

Hi @kitkat44!


Getting a haircut is the best way to keep your hair healthy and growing faster.


A product I like is the Redken Anti-Snap Treatment.  I suffered from split ends and severe hair breakage and had to cut my hair.  There's no treatment for split ends, but after my haircut, I started using this and it's been helpful in preventing split ends and breakage.  I use the Redken Extreme Shampoo and Conditioner before the treatment.

Re: Hair help!

I totally agree with you. Cutting your hair is the best way to keep it healthy. I've never used products in my hair besides shampoo and conditioner , and I just have it cut every two months or so and it is very healthy. All hair types are different and each one of us knows how to treat it, so it really depends on how you like it.

Also, every time I go to get it cut, I try to change it's style every now and then. It not always works out because I don't always like it but I love trying new things!

Re: Hair help!

@andreamayo I'm jealous!  Even after haircuts, I have to use a lot of treatments/ oils to get smooth hair since I have naturally frizzy and porous hair.

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