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Hair help

I have a problem with my hair which are thin and medium length. They are oily at the roots and normal on the rest of the length. In the humid/wet weather they become frizzy easily and they lack in volume. I also color treat my hair and use hot tools very often. Which shampoo/conditioner and styling products would you recommend for me? Thank you.

Re: Hair help



There are a few suggestions in this previous thread that might give some food for thought until someone comes by with help/suggestions.

Re: Hair help

The previous thread to which consolvo was referring mentions some really good products.

I also would like to address your mentioning of color treatment/hot tools. To protect color and prevent damage, I recommend using sulfate-free hair products also. I am a big fan of Living Proof - I use the "full" line. Here's a link to the shampoo:

It's gently clarifying, but safe for color-treated hair. I really like the conditioner too - it smooths my hair (no frizz for me!). When I really want to pump up the volume, I use the Full Thickening Mousse. My hair hates styling products and just looks greasy, but this is lightweight and never makes my hair look icky.

My scalp has been extra oily this summer, so every few days I use the B&B Sunday shampoo recommended in the other thread.

I hope that helps! <3

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