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Hair growth


Any recommendations on a product that will help your hair grow fast?

Re: Hair growth

Great thank you ladies Smiley Happy

Re: Hair growth

Hello again, you might also want to try the Nioxin line of products, these are great for hair growth as well Smiley Surprised)

Re: Hair growth

Biotin is excellent for growing hair, and Andrew Lessman products are very good Smiley Surprised) also, coconut oil is wonderful to help hair with growth and moisture! I don't know if you have any salons in your area that do scalp massages if not then try getting one at a local beauty college...these feel great and stimulate the scalp so it helps with growth, also hair grows faster in the heat, not sure if you are from a warm environment or not though..hope this helps Smiley Surprised)

Re: Hair growth

I recommend a Biotin supplement. I take hair skin and nails by Andrew Lessman. Of course, proper care is essential as well. Make sure you're using a deep conditioner a couple of times per week and using heat protectant products. Regular trims are also important. Smiley Happy

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