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Hair dye mishap...roots lighter than ends

I recently dyed my hair about a day ago, and I made the mistake of dying my roots before my ends and the color lasted in my roots longer, processing the color faster, and overall turning my roots a dark brown, but obviously lighter than the black that the rest of the bottom half of my hair was. I was wondering if y'all knew if it would be okay for me to get another box dye and just dye my roots as well as some other pieces I am just now finding that are not dyed toward the top of my head, or if it is too soon to dye again because I really do not want to damage my hair.


Any advice is welcome! Thank you guys so much in advance. <3

Re: Hair dye mishap...roots lighter than ends

If you went for a solid black shade, it's completely fine to color your hair at just the ends so it can match.


Check to see the condition of your ends, if they are more brittle, dry, or weak feeling, wait a week or two inbetween coloring and be sure to use a deep treatment conditioner to restore hair to a more manageable and healthy texture. Healthy hair will hold anything better, shape, style, color, whatever it may be.


Phyto makes a great color care mask you use the 2 weeks following a color job that helps lock in color, preserves, and prevents fading, after that you can switch back to a regular conditioner for color treated hair, and store the Phyto mask away for the next time you color. It's a really solid investment for anyone who colors.



Re: Hair dye mishap...roots lighter than ends

you can totally pull it. don't get one of the box colors that'f for your full head. Get one with the root touch up brushes. Also make sure you are using a sulfate free shampoo. The best ones for repairing your hair have keratin in them. 

I have dyed my hair three times in the past six months ranging from bleach blonde to jet black and my trick is that once a week, to keep my hair healthy, I do a sort of deep conditioning treatment.

My recipe: 3tbsps of olive oil and one tbso of honey. I heat it in the microwave for 45 seconds, let it cool than bruch it through my hair. After a half and hour I shampoo and condition. It makes your hair super soft and shinny and also helps it grow faster.


Hope that helps

Re: Hair dye mishap...roots lighter than ends

thanks that was awesome advice! much appreciatedSmiley Happy

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