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Hair cut and styles for curly hair

Ok so I have curly hair down to my butt. Since my hair is so long and too heavy my curls aren't tight and are a little wavy now. I haven't had my hair cut in a very long time, I think it has been almost a year now. I know that is bad and embarrassing to say but since I have moved down here to Florida I have been unable to find a good hairstylist. I have had bad hair cuts and it seems like everywhere I go they do not know how to cut curly hair. Anyways, what kind of hairstyles would you ladies recommend for curly hair. I do not want super short hair, I like my long hair but definitely need to do something soon. Thank you ladies!

Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair


On our Iles Formula journal we often give ideas on hair styles, tip and tricks and how to's . We recently did a blog especially for curly hair.  We think you will find this an interesting read. We post every Thursday, and often cover curly hair.


To see our Sephora images go to ILES HAIRCARE another site that Sephora transferred us to.


Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair

Yes, look for a Deva Curl stylist first. There were no Deva Curl stylists where I live. I have the DevaCurl blow dryer and I love it but I'm allergic to an ingredient in their products so I can't use them.

Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair

Oh wow that sucks. But I looked into the Devacurl dryer and divafusser for my hair. So I will definitely purchase blow dryer and some of their other products. I am looking for new shampoos and conditioners to try. Thank you for your help.

Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair

I agree about the Deva curl website. I received samples of the Deva curl products first from Sephora( free with $25.00 purchase code DEVACURL in the promotion code box). They are 1OZ of No Poo Shampoo, 1OZ one Condition, and 1OZ Light Defining Gel. 

I was excited by the results I received from these products. I took the plunge in November and received my first Deva curl haircut and was very happy with the results. I chose my stylist because she is an Advanced Deva Curl Stylist. You will receive advise from your stylist which products work for your hair type. Purchase those products from Sephora for the point perks. Even the girls at my local Sephora asked for my stylist's name.


Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair

I started reading Nicrohr's comment and immediately got on and found a stylist in Jacksonville. I was already looking into Devacurl late last year on the Sephora website when my hair dryer broke and I found the Devacurl Dryer and Devafuser and some of their hair products. I was also told the Oiudad has good hair products for curly hair. Thank you for your help. I think I will definitely try the Devacurl line.

Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair

My tips:

-I explained to her my issues in the past and we worked through them. And I finally got the result I was looking for. Be honest. (For the record, they had always just layered me in the past, but we did layering, angling AND thinning---makes a tremendous difference).

-Bring a picture of your ideal look. I know it's hard to find good pictures of people with curly hair (people seem to think waves are curls) so you may have to do some deep googling. I found a picture of AnnaLynn McCord with short curly hair (actually curls) and pulled it up on my phone.

-I'm not sure if this makes a difference, by my hairdresser is my age so I found her easy to relate to.

-Lastly, it will take some luck, and trial and error. This is the first time in 26 years I've been happy with my hair dresser! You may have to shop around a bit before you find that person that clicks with you. When you find him/her, tip him/her well!


Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair

Wow I enjoyed reading this. I was 22 when I found my perfect hairdresser. I was very ify about short hair, especially with curly hair, but my dresser cut my hair to my shoulders and I was in love with my hair. My curls were gorgeous just like Anna Lynn McCord and my hair was shiny and frizz free. Then I moved away from her and have no luck since. But yes I will have to bring in a picture, that is such a great idea. Now I do have thick hair and have heard about thinning but to me that is a very scary word. What does thinning actually do and how do they do it and does it grow back thick? Sorry, those were panic questions. Thank you for your help and the great tips.

Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair

These are great tips!  And I agree that thinning/texturizing is key!

Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair

When finding someone new, I describe my hair and ask who is good for curly hair (or who has)..the salon will probably say the all are - keep asking questions, like what level they are (some salons have a tier system master designer to the newbie - don't get the newbie, they may be fine but they don't have years and years of experience or training), what product line they use, since I have very thick curls I ask if blow drying is included and I may need more time than the average client - one time they made an excuse and I was sent out with wet hair - I never went back.


Lately I got cut, was from the Owner herself and had a free consultation a day before. The last few times I got a blunt cut - meaning NO thinning - NO layers - JUST straight across - they took off enough to clean up the ends and I can still put up when I want.


Also make sure to tell the hairdresser what you want BEFORE they start cutting and make sure they understand. I had an horrible experience at a well-known local salon once, I said what I wanted they did everything I didn't want and even changed people on me without notice.


What part of Florida are you in? I know people there, they may have an great hairdresser Smiley Happy

Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair

Well I live in Jennings FL. One of the last small towns before you head to Georgia, so I think the closest place that I would head for a hair stylist is Jacksonville. Yes, it has been the choppy haircuts that I have been experiencing with very little hair product put in and always heading out with wet getting kind of frizzy hair. Never again. I would love to walk out with a perfect hair cut, dry, and every strand in place with no frizz like I did before I left NY. Oh those were the days lol. Thank you for your help and I hope you know of someone near me or Jacksonville. 

Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair

I had the same problem, it's hard finding someone new who can cut curly hair. At this point it may just have to be trial & error. You could call different salons and ask them if they have a curly hair specialist, although even that isn't a guarantee, they could say yes just to get you into their salon. When you decide on who to try next, you don't have to let them cut a lot of hair off the 1st time, take it slow.


You should look at other women and when you see someone long-ish & curly just come right out and ask them where they get their hair done, most people have no problem sharing their stylists info with someone else. Some salons even give a reward to the person who recommended them. My salon will allow me to bring 1 person in and while I'm waiting/coloring/waiting/washing/waiting/waiting.....they will cut the other persons hair for free. I haven't done it yet. Anyhow, I found someone by asking someone where she went, most people are flattered when you approach them.


The other thing that may help is different products. What shampoo - conditioner - styling products are you currently using?

I can give you some suggestions right off the top of my head. Ouidad is a great line, made specifically for curly-girlies like us. She's a curly girl and came out with her own line of products and has a number of salons (? how many ? where - you could look her up & see if there's a salon near you. Recent brands Alterna, Living Proof - both great. Let me know if you'd more detailed product info.

You could also try checking on Angies List, maybe you'll get lucky there. Best of luck to you, I know this can become terribly annoying. Hope you're enjoying life in FL, now if only we could get you a stylist! Smiley Wink

Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair

Yes, I have had three trials and errors and the last was the worst I think. The last time they cut one side of my hair shorter than the other and even with my curls it was noticeable. I didn't notice because it was a dry cut and I immediately put my hair up afterwards so ya I also take some blame in that one.

When it comes to hair products I use a shampoo and conditioner are for brunette, long, and frizzy hair. I use a pantene curl enhancer mousse and just a strong hold hairspray. I have tried so many different shampoos and have yet to find a good one. I have been looking into the Devacurl brand. I will have to look into the Ouidad also. Thank you, it is different moving from a city to a small town but it will not be forever. Thank you for your help.

Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair

Asking other women you see with great hair is a GREAT idea!

Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair

Go to Deva Curl's website and use their stylist look up, for someone who specializes in curly hair!


Or, look for salons that seem stylish, clean, and will schedule a CONSULTATION before the appointment to cut your hair.   If they blow this off for a first time customer, act like it's not important, or just tell you to come in for a cut directly, don't use them.


Another test:  Ask them if they are familiar with dry cutting (at least FINISHING with dry cutting) for curly hair.  If they don't know how to do this, they're not curl-friendly.

Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair

This was the first response I read and I immediately went to the website. I live in a small town (yup moved from a city in NY to a small town in Florida lol) and the closest is about 83 miles away but am definitely going to call and talk to them and then afterwards go visit my closest Sephora lol. That will be me kind of day! Thank you.

Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair

I cannot agree more with looking at Deva Curl's Website for a stylist.  I moved to a new state last year and found my hair stylist from that website.  Up until she cut my hair, I had never come across anyone that really knew how to cut curly hair.  


She cuts my hair dry and follows my natural curl pattern and what suits my hair.  It has changed my hair so much for the better.  

Re: Hair cut and styles for curly hair

Yes! following the curl pattern is sooo key!


Even if they don't do the whole haircut dry, someone should look closely at dry hair BEFORE cutting, and then FINISH the cut with it dry to see how it lies -- so different when wet than when dry and sprung.

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