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Hair colors over the years

I just love watching on Youtube videos of their hair from what it was...To now. So I'm curious, what was yours and currently is?


1. was Blonde highlights cause my very first choice in my life was blonde. Couldn't have it at the beginning due to my grandma saying that it might not be the right color for me...and yada, yada, ya....So when I had the money I went to Tony and Guy and told them to do it. (idk if you can see them in this picture, but they are there...)



2. was a one long blonde streak on the right of my head (after my highlights all grown out) Had to do that one twice, to make it more brighter. The first time was done by an amateur, the second time was done by a pro.155594_10150140748404377_654839376_8010141_8212379_n.jpg 

3. unfortunately I do not really have a picture for that but I had blonde streaks EVERYWHERE!!! when pacifically asked for blonde all over and streaks of my original hair in, nope got that instead....


4. (don't have a picture of this one either, expect when it grew out) went to an MCC (Mesa Community College) class to learn more of what I don't already know about make-up and whats right for your skin...Anyways...A lady at her salon fixed my hair, made the blonde more blonde and put some red in the bangs and in the back of my hair. It made my blue/green eyes more brighter than it already was *0*


after that I was just too lazy to re-dye my hair...So it end up growing and getting lower and lower to my ends. I didn't care at that point, I figured I didn't have money to do it.



5. After that since I already had blonde at my ends I figured I'd try atomic turquoise (since it said to try a tester at first.) So I told my friend to dye my hair. He did, but it wasn't as bright as I thought it would be, since my blonde wasn't as blonde as it should be when you do weird colors. So it turned out more green than turquoise. But in this lighting it has the color I want it to be. After a while I couldn't keep it since I had split ends like crazy. I had to say goodbye to my ends....So I went to a salon and they chopped it all off. 

atomic turqiose2.jpg


Now, I have it back to my brownness, and have it healthy as possible while it's growing to the length I want it to be, before I dye it again.

Re: Hair colors over the years

I am just going to do my hair colors this year, I had red than pink during the summer than when the school year started I had  lilac hair, than dyed it with special effects blue velvet, that faded to a lilac color again, I put color ion in teal over it, than bleached that so it was a light blue color, than bleached it two more times and it is nearly white now with a hint of blue on the ends. I am gonna tone it soon and than cut it into a boy cut. I sound crazy probably considering this is just this year, I have had pretty much every color in the book besides black.

Re: Hair colors over the years

That is just freaking awesome! I envy you, I wish I could color my hair of the rainbow. But I want it to continue growing before I dye it again.

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