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Hair color not the color I

I have natural dark ash brown hair that has silver and gray hair. I love the silver in my hair but now I am getting more gray that is not as shiny so I decided to get it highlighted. At first he was going to use a blonde highlight on my hair but then he decided it might not look good with the silver. Instead  I ended up getting all my hair colored a light blonde, but the stuff did not cover my grey (it is suppose to blend in). I HATE IT!!


I loved the dark/silver hair I had! They knew all I did not like was the duller gray. They said it will start to fade in appx. 2 weeks and will eventually go back to my natural dark hair color. Has anyone ever heard of what was used on my hair? Does anyone know what I can do to hurry this up?


Should I try to dye it myself? Or just live with my hair this way?


Thanks for your help! 

Re: Hair color not the color I

I would propose if you are ready to forego your silver color but want better looking hair, I would recommend re-color your hair to a darker shade - a solid color for all your hair. 

Re: Hair color not the color I

There are shampoos that help put purple on gray hair to give it a better tone. You shouldn't tried shimmer lights, i believe that's what it's called.

Re: Hair color not the color I

Use the Burt's Bees Shampoo with the Grapefruit & Sugarbeet. It's actually a really bad shampoo to be honest, but when my grandmother used it (she has color treated hair) it stripped the color out. I don't know if this would help in your situation, but maybe. Smiley Happy

Hope this helps!

<3 beautygeek97

Re: Hair color not the color I

i just got my hair highlighted for the first time and i was haunted by the word PERMANENT!!!!!!!! i was so nervous that i was going to get it done and i would hate it ( thank goodness that didnt happen). What made me feel better was that my colorist told me that if i dont like it she can get it back to around my natural hair color by dying it with bleach. Ask your colorist if its possible you could do the same! But just keep in mind that bleach can do a lot of damage to your hair. Hope this helped!

Re: Hair color not the color I

Don't do it at home. Nothing good comes from dying hair at home. Find a new stylist and tell her exactly what you posted.

Re: Hair color not the color I

Run , don't walk, to the number one rated salon in your area and ask for the Senior Colorist!!!!  Make sure that person has a good background in working with grey, white and silver hair.  A really good colorist will know how to blend and then apply the desired high and low lights to make your color sing.  You get what you pay for when it comes to great color-I Iearned this the hard way, just like you.  And realize that most home coloring kits are not designed to cover large amount of grey/white with only one box of application.  Read the fine print on those boxes.  If you don't like the results from a salon visit - SPEAK UP IMMEDIATELY!!!  The results you see in the mirror are NOT going to change with a few hair washes-tell them you want to fix it asap.

Re: Hair color not the color I

So from what I hear you went from a dark ash brown to a light blonde all over and the hair stylist told you this would wash out? Did they use a blonde toner without bleach on you or actually bleach your hair?


If you are now a legit light blonde the stylist flat out lied to you. They must have bleached your hair one way or another and in this case your natural hair color was removed. This will not wash out.


If what you are saying is that they didn't use bleach but a toner they would usually put over bleached hair, they only used a non-permanent/demi hair color on your hair to give you a different tone and shine. In this case the effect will wash out over time, but never 100% as any kind of coloring is a chemical process to your hair. Probably 95%. Depending on your hair it will take approx 8 weeks to know for sure how your hair will look once it's all washed out (also depending on how well your hair takes color).


As far as what to do in your situation now. You don't have to live with it, but I wouldn't color it yourself especially if you don't have experience in coloring your own hair. Ask around from your friends, see if they have someone they trust with their color or yelp another stylist. If you are willing to go back to the same place, you may be able to explain the situation and they may fix it for you for free or at a discount. Another alternative to fixing it is of course trying to speed it up. Generally the best way to wash out color is using a mixture between dawn and baking soda and using it as a shampoo. Beware though. Your hair will feel weird that's to be expected. Make sure to use a great leave in conditioner afterwards.


In general though I would say, wait. If they bleached it blonde, color it back your natural color and get glazes when you want your hair shinier. If they just changed the tone of your hair, wait and just get a clear glaze from now on.


You shouldn't color your hair until 6-8 weeks after the last time. The only time I would ever recommend doing it earlier is if you are absolutely miserable because someone accidentally died your hair orange or green. How much your hair can take of course depends on how fine or damaged your hair already is to begin with.


If you were happy with your hair color but just wanted to give your greys more shine I would suggest a clear glaze at the salon next time. It will add shine for as long as any color would, but your hair color will not change. Most salongs offer this nowadays. You can also buy glazes for you to apply at home, but those mostly only last until your next shampoo.

Re: Hair color not the color I

Annie23---Thanks for your advice!


I washed my hair this morning and now my hair looks more of a reddish blonde than it did on Saturday. What ever was used on my hair did not cover the gray. Now my hair looks like it has grown out from a dye job (you know a person that hasn't dyed her hair in months...the roots are gray and the bottom has color on it).


BTW the texture of my hair is fine, and it is in very good condition (it was super soft) I have not dyed my hair in a couple of years or permed it in probably 10 years. I use very little products on my hair, I only blow dry it and use hairspray during the week. Occasionally I will use a Living Proof root lifter. This morning I used a lot of products in my hair to make my hair look messy, it sort of hid the gray hair.


I have no idea what the salon used on my hair but it did not smell like bleach. I tried to call the salon but no one answered the phone today, I will try again tomorrow.


Thanks again!

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