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Hair color + IUD

Anybody heard of an IUD affecting the way your hair responds to coloring??  I recently spent too much time and money for highlights and lowlights any my color is shockingly wrong.  My sylist blames it on my IUD, and I know the color is no where close to the color swatch, but she also didn't do what I asked so I don't know if this is real or if she is fishing for an excuse.

Re: Hair color + IUD

This is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard! Go get your money back & switch salons!

Re: Hair color + IUD

The hair that you see is dead keratin with a little pigment in it.  Due to the nature that hair is composed of dead cells (part of why I dislike having long hair), anything done to an already dead cell (such as coloring) should not be effected by anything in the living body (such as hormones).


Whereas things like the dying of living cells such as tattoos there is a probability of this, but it is very, VERY small, since living things are all different and therefore react differently (and sometimes erratically) in the face of foreign chemicals being applied to the body.


Now if hair were composed of living cells then both this IUD fiction you've been given and hair cuts would be an entirely different story Smiley Tongue


Re: Hair color + IUD

There is literally no way that is true.  It's like saying my contact lenses changed my toenail color.  Or wearing a watch made your eyes turn green.  


The fact that your stylist would even pretend that an IUD had ANY effect on your hair coloring is indicative of her professional level: zero.  She completely lied to your face and tried to blame her failure on YOU.  Switch stylists or even salons.  I would also try to get my money back given on that response.  Hair coloring is very tricky, that's why there are professionals, but professionals need to take responsibility if they make a mistake!

Re: Hair color + IUD

Not.  A.  Chance.

Re: Hair color + IUD

I would say your hairdresser is totally trying to make excuses for herself. Firstly, I'm not sure what exactly about an IUD would cause this phenomenon to happen (and the whole idea of it would probably make your ob/gyn chuckle). Not all IUDs even contain hormones (if that is the supposed cause) and even if it was hormones, SO many people are on hormonal birth control, wouldn't just about every women who walked through the door have a potential haircoloring issue? I agree with garnett, I would speak to the manager. She didn't do what you asked and THEN tried to blame it on you?? Not so cool :-(

Re: Hair color + IUD

Good Grief!  This sounded so bizarre to me so I googled it.  The only thing that I could find was some brands of IUD have had a negative impact on the condition of some women's hair due to the hormones that they contain.  The complaint I saw most often was hair loss, not a problem with having their hair colored. My gut reaction is that this colorist is trying to find a reason not to take responsibility for her poor work.  IF she knew that an IUD could cause hair color to go terribly wrong why didn't she ask or inform you ahead of time.  In all the years I have been having my hair colored, no one was ever concerned about if or what method of BC I was using. I never saw a sign stating that medication or hormones could cause problems with results.  I would go back to the shop and speak to the manager or owner. 

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