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Hair Growth Products

Hey Ladies,


I was wondering do any of you use any hair growth products? I started using Lee stafford's Hair growth treatment. Says to use inbetween shampoo and conditioner while you shower. I used to have long hair, but I started dying it so much i had to cut it (T_T) . Im liking this treatment it smells pretty good! oh and yea i have a pink hoodie on and red shirt, not matching.. but i was younger there <_< dont laugh haha


If any of you are using anything, would you mind sharing what and if its working for you Smiley Happy


Before                                                      After 


Treatment im using


Re: Hair Growth Products

Hi MsStacey1990,

Your hair is so pretty! I have really long, thick hair too. My hair seems to grow the most when I limit the amount of heat styling I do to it. I also think taking supplements has helped my hair grow, too. I love the Phyto Hair And Nails Dietary Supplement. I have found that with continued use of these supplements, my hair has really gotten stronger and has grown a lot more. Smiley Happy





Re: Hair Growth Products

Thank you Smiley Happy . I dont always use heat styling tools. probably once a week, or less. ill look into those pills Smiley Happy thanks


Re: Hair Growth Products

I use a scalp brush. It's got really thick teeth to massage your scalp. I dunno if this actually does anything. Feels good, though!

Re: Hair Growth Products

I use a vitamin supplement by Nature's Bounty called Hair and Nails. It was recommended to me by my sister-in-law who's a pharmacist tech... I started using it because my nails were brittle and peeling, but she says all of the pharmacists in her workplace use it for hair growth, too!

Re: Hair Growth Products

I used CareProst (generic Latisse) and it worked beautifully for doubling the length of my straight lashes. Latisse is over $100 a tube whereas CareProst was only $10 a bottle from overseas. Each bottle lasted 2-3 months.


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