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Hair Growth Products

Hey Ladies,


I was wondering do any of you use any hair growth products? I started using Lee stafford's Hair growth treatment. Says to use inbetween shampoo and conditioner while you shower. I used to have long hair, but I started dying it so much i had to cut it (T_T) . Im liking this treatment it smells pretty good! oh and yea i have a pink hoodie on and red shirt, not matching.. but i was younger there <_< dont laugh haha


If any of you are using anything, would you mind sharing what and if its working for you Smiley Happy


Before                                                      After 



Treatment im using



Re: Hair Growth Products

I used CareProst (generic Latisse) and it worked beautifully for doubling the length of my straight lashes. Latisse is over $100 a tube whereas CareProst was only $10 a bottle from overseas. Each bottle lasted 2-3 months.



Re: Hair Growth Products

I use a vitamin supplement by Nature's Bounty called Hair and Nails. It was recommended to me by my sister-in-law who's a pharmacist tech... I started using it because my nails were brittle and peeling, but she says all of the pharmacists in her workplace use it for hair growth, too!


Re: Hair Growth Products

I use a scalp brush. It's got really thick teeth to massage your scalp. I dunno if this actually does anything. Feels good, though!

Re: Hair Growth Products

Hi MsStacey1990,

Your hair is so pretty! I have really long, thick hair too. My hair seems to grow the most when I limit the amount of heat styling I do to it. I also think taking supplements has helped my hair grow, too. I love the Phyto Hair And Nails Dietary Supplement. I have found that with continued use of these supplements, my hair has really gotten stronger and has grown a lot more. Smiley Happy





Re: Hair Growth Products

Thank you Smiley Happy . I dont always use heat styling tools. probably once a week, or less. ill look into those pills Smiley Happy thanks

Re: Hair Growth Products

This is my first time using a growth treatment. i do keep it healthy, ever since i bleached it i deep condition alot haha. ive used that horse shampoo and conditioner, but dont like it at all, leaves my hair feeling dry and icky. ive heard about the biotin but never crossed my mind to actually try it. but i have noticed my hair has grown since ive started using it. I also like it cause it makes my hair super duper soft and tangle free! Smiley Happy thanks for the comments ladies

Re: Hair Growth Products

Just keep in mind that while some products will stimulate your follicles more, it's not going to be a crazy miracle worker (the average hair grows about 1/2 inch a month, so don't expect 2 inches a month). Like LindenAnn said, the best thing you can do is keep your hair healthy. This means actually eating healthy fats, too. And preventative measures work best! 


That being said, I use coconut oil on a weekly basis, and the Alterna Caviar line. It helps keep the hair from losing it's proteins, smooths it, and keeps its stronger for a longer period of time, which means less breakage. 

Re: Hair Growth Products

Exactly! Hair really doesn't grow all that fast no matter what you do to it. And healthy fats are definitely good. I never eat enough of them so I take omega oil supplements. They really help my hair as well as skin and nails.

Re: Hair Growth Products

The best thing you can do for hair growth is keep your hair healthy. I do minimal heat, moisture/protein masks weekly, and supplements. I have noticed that my hair grows a bit faster if I give myself a scalp massage every day. It even makes sense scientifically: massaging increases blood flow to the follicles and can stimulate cell growth.

Re: Hair Growth Products

I take biotin and B12 supplements. I figure they can't hurt. Processing does take its toll on hair though.

Re: Hair Growth Products

My hairdresser recommends Biotin as well.  I have been taking it for years, and I used to have really long hair, but I have since damaged it from severely over processing.  Now that my hair is short, and I am getting old, it seems like it just does not want to grow like it used to even with the Biotin Smiley Sad


I also took a supplement called Tocotrienols for several months.  My hair did grow faster, but they say it takes a year to really start seeing results, and I got impatient with it.  

Re: Hair Growth Products

I take Biotin. My hairdresser says its working shes notices more than I do since I do my hair every day and she only does it once a month or every 2. But my nails are growing faster so that means it must me working!! Good luck on finding the magical product that works for you and when you do let us know please!!!! We are all looking for that magical potion!!

Re: Hair Growth Products

I do not use it, but growing up, MANY of the Ladies used MANE & TAIL.

It did work Miracles, I remember they would measure their hair and mark it in pencil on the door frame to the stables. Those makes are still There today!

I know they range 1/2 to 2 inch Marks a week ( different ladies)

Re: Hair Growth Products

I use coconut oil weekly.

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