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Hair Care

My hair gets greasy pretty fast, I find myself wanting to wash my hair like everyday just because I hate how it looks when it gets greasy. I use dry shampoo sometimes but it doesn't always get it looking as grease free as I'd like. I've heard washing your hair everyday will lead to it getting greasy faster, so any recommendations on hair products that can help my hair to not get so greasy so fast?? Thanks!!

Re: Hair Care

Like everyone has mentioned dry shampoo is your friend! A dry shampoo tip which really made a noticeable difference for me is to spray your hair the night before you know you'll need it rather than the morning of -  it absorbs the oil all night and gives a cleaner appearance. 


You also kind of just have to ride it out. Washing your hair every day definitely does make it appear greasier faster and its just a vicious cycle if you keep washing it - so its best to find an alternative rather than give in! 


You might also want to pick up a clarifying shampoo! Sometimes my hair can get a build up of product that makes it worse and using a clarifying shampoo like once a month can really help out

Re: Hair Care

My hair was the same way but now I only wash it 2-3x/week and I actually think my hair looks better on day 2 or 3 of not washing. I started by only washing my hair every other day, then after 2 weeks about every two days, etc. Dry shampoo and baby powder helped a lot. I use baby powder on my roots before I go to bed so it absorbs the oil while i'm sleeping. 

Re: Hair Care

If you're not washing your hair everyday, that's good. I would recommend a scalp massage to improve circulation to the scalp and an apple cider vinegar hair rinse. Just dilute the ac vinegar with water or, if you wish, you can try diluting it with green tea or floral waters or adding other scalp and hair friendly ingredients like essential oils (make sure it's diluted - don't apply neat!) or an egg. Massage into the scalp and let it soak into your hair while you go about the rest of your shower routine. This will gently reduce oil and calm/nourish the scalp. I won't lie, the smell of ac vinegar isn't great but it goes away. Oh, and make sure to use ac vinegar with the "mother."

RE: Hair Care

I have the same problem and it's always been this way. I've tried all the tricks and products but I think it just comes down to how our body works 😕 kloraine dry shampoo is the best as far as refreshing without getting waxy or heavy.

Re: Hair Care

There’s probably some truth to it if you’re not using the right shampoo for your hair type. I used to wash my hair every day and never dealt with greasiness. Nowadays I wash every other day more frequently only so that I can curl my hair with second day hair. Do you use shampoo with sulphates? 


Sometimes I stretch my hair to day 3 and use Klorane dry shampoo which really helps with the first signs of greasiness. My hair is pretty heavy so when it gets even slightly greasy it goes completely flat. I find Klorane does a pretty good job!

RE: Hair Care

I had this problem BAD, I just didn’t wash my hair for a week and wore it in a bun on top of my head , you can use dry shampoo if you have to go to school or work and don’t want it to look greasy, and then don’t wash your hair everyday!! It will get greasy way less the less you wash it, use damage and strength shampoo’s and conditioners when you do wash it, My hair is super thick and nice now, I wash it like twice a week now never gets greasy fast! Brushing your hair excessively can also cause it to get greasy, good luck!

Re: Hair Care

hi! If you are using conditioner, don't apply right at ro...

hi! If you are using conditioner, don't apply right at roots. Same with any hair product you are using. I have the same problem😞. I also find that when I use a hair treatment, my hair gets greasy a lot quicker. I try to wash my hair every other day but I have fine hair so I can't go too long without washing it
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