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HElP! ~ Dry Shampoo?

What's the best dry shampoo product ? And why?

Re: HElP! ~ Dry Shampoo?

Baby powder. I found some in cucumber melon scent at target. It works wonderfully.


I've tried Suave's spray dry shampoo but it does not really do anything other than give me a migraine.

Re: HElP! ~ Dry Shampoo?

All 4 of us here use 'rockin' it' by got2b. You rub it in a bit and brush through, it works all day. They have a volumizing one too and for the price, this one is a great deal. This one is a spray, but they have a powder one also. I find the spray faster and easier to use. Hope this helps.

Re: HElP! ~ Dry Shampoo?

How well does the got2b work on dark hair?  I noticed you have blonde hair so less likely to show residue?  I have only tried one dry shampoo from KMS and hated it. 

Re: HElP! ~ Dry Shampoo?

Unite eurotheraphy has the best dry shampoo i have ever used.  They sell it only at select salons.  I was introduced to it at my blow dry bar.  Salons like shades and ken paves salon use the brand.


I love it because it does not leave my hair white and sticky like others do.  Before i would have that heavy clay feeling in my hair.  It was always a challenge in my thick black hair. The unite one is called 7 seconds dry shampoo and can actually be sprayed throughout your hair like a refresher.  It has a nice sent too.

Re: HElP! ~ Dry Shampoo?

I've tried alllot of these, cause I wear my hair red/auburn and the less I wash the better the color lasts. I really like John Frieda Anytime Volume Refresher. You can get it at any drugstore (most of the time with a coupon for a dollar or so off.) It works great.


My second place choice would be Pssst. Again, drugstore, cheaper, works great. The worst one I found was Marc Anthony 2nd Day shampoo. It's like a funky hairspray. Seriously. lol definetly a regret buy there. I can't see spending alot on dry shampoo. I rather use my $$ on makeup/face stuff. That's just me. Smiley Happy

Re: HElP! ~ Dry Shampoo?

I'm in love with Cake's satin sugar dry shampoo. I shook some on my roots then brushed them out and my mom though I had just washed it. Plus it gives volume and a subtle, sweet scent. Yum!

Re: HElP! ~ Dry Shampoo?

The best ones are Tressemme dry shampoo for oily hair. And the fredrick fekkai volumizing dry shampoo!!

Hope this helps

Re: HElP! ~ Dry Shampoo?

My favorite product is not available anymore (Klorane's Gentle dry shampoo with Oat Extract )


After trying tons of dry shampoo products over the years, first being the "Original Dry Shampoo" (the only choice at the time) from my local pharmacy to now using Oscar Blandi's Pronto Dry Shampoo To Go, things I found most important were:


1. Texture of dry shampoo- I didn't want anything that would cause my hair to be frizzier than normal. 

I found with the foam "dry shampoos" or "refreshers", my hair had trouble maintaining the original style. I live in Houston (100% humidity), and have fine but wavy/curly hair, which I style in both curls and flat iron on occasion. I want my dry shampoos to withstand both styles, especially the curly style as it's harder to maintain "nice" without looking like you just rolled out of bed. For this reason, I prefer the powder Dry Shampoos over the foams or sprays.


2. Frangrance- I prefer a clean or "shampoo" smell to the dry shampoos I use. One of the first dry shampoos I purchased from Sephora had a terrible pochuli smell (I smelled it ON ME THE ENTIRE DAY), but they have since changed the fragrance, so it is no longer an issue. 


3. Cost- This plays into how often you plan on using the dry-shampoo and your priorities.

I'd prefer not to spend $20 everytime I purchased Dry Shampoo, but I'm willing to because of the time it takes to blowdry/style my hair everyday and the damage those things cause to hair. My hair is fine, so it starts to look very dirty after only a short time, but because of the waves, it is very very dry on the ends. The dry shampoos help me to eliminate some styling abuse as it allows me to extend my good hair days Smiley Happy

Re: HElP! ~ Dry Shampoo?

I heard you could also use baby powder . Just apply it on ur roote and it observes the oil from ur hair. I heard that really works! Smiley Happy

Re: HElP! ~ Dry Shampoo?

I love using Batiste, but baby powder works just as well. If you have darker colored hair, you will need to brush it well or else both products will leave a visible white residue.

Re: HElP! ~ Dry Shampoo?

I've seen a lot of positive reviews of Batiste, which you can find in the drugstores.

Re: HElP! ~ Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoos are great for touchups in between washings and hair do's! Each person has their own preference as to using a spray or a simple loose powder. For me, I suggest using spray on dry shampoos. They are super easy to use, keep your hands and clothing from getting messy, and actually can help to give a little lift and volume so greasy hair won't fall flat and dull. My favorites carried on are the


Oscar Blandi Pronto Invisible Dry Shampoo Spray



and the Ojon Full Detox Rub Out Dry Cleansing Spray


Ojon RubOutDrySpra.jpg


Of course, there are a ton of great brands and products we carry in the dry shampoo section but I love these two for their lack of white residue, quick volume and lift, and light scents! Smiley Happy


Re: HElP! ~ Dry Shampoo?

I love Oscar blandi dry shampoo, it gives great volume!
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