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My hair is naturally EXTREMELY thick and wavy, so thick that it took 2 people at the salon to color my hair, is there ANY hair product that i can use that could make my hair flatter? My hair used to be really pretty and with big curls, but i got it chemically straightened and that ruined my hair, but that was a few years ago.I can never put my hair down because its so thick, i just got a haircut, and permanent straightening isnt an option right now, my hair is way too damaged. Its shoulder length with long layers and side bangs, and i am already trying to grow it out. I REALLY need a hair serum, cream, or ANTHING that can make it look less GIGANTIC. It is sooooooo thick and frizzy, what can restore moisture and make it bouncy and soft? PLEASE HELP!! I NEED A HAIR PRODUCT!!!!!! ps. are there any hair treatments that can transform my hair into soft and silky hair?????????

I have very thick wavy hair as well. After multiple purch...

I have very thick wavy hair as well. After multiple purchases of whatever latest no frizz, lay flat, and make my hair shine product that  didn't work....I found Bumble and Bumble Defrizz.  Finally, a product that followed through with it's claims! Also, it makes my hair more manageable, and lighter. It doesn't make my hair look greasy, as others products have. Perfect amount of shine as well. I've been using it for over 10 years now-This thick wavy mop wouldn't set a foot outside without it!

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