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HELP!! Hair loss/fall out?!

Hey everyone! So over the past two months, my hair has been shedding significantly more than usual. I think it's been the worst this week....I'm talking handfuls of hair when I run my fingers through it!  I plan on going to the Dr. soon to start trying to figure out what might be causing this. I'm 26 and I naturally have super think/log hair. I started Nutrafol at the beginning of April, but I'm wondering if there are any other product recommendations that might help stop the shedding/hair loss and stimulate re-growth?

Last year, my hair did a similar thing, but it was due to the stress caused by the loss of my mom... I can't think of any stress triggers to be the cause of my current hair loss though (I'm pretty much stressed 24/7, but no specific events have occurred over the past 3 months that I can think of).

Any advise and/or product recommendations would be amazing! Thanks in advance! 

Re: HELP!! Hair loss/fall out?!

@BrittB8118Try Nioxin hair products. Theyre available online and extremely effective after a period of hair shedding. Also be sure youre well nourished. Eat a full balanced diet and dont cut calories. Itll pass!

Re: HELP!! Hair loss/fall out?!

Best product I found for hair loss help is actually a postpartum hair vitamin from a company called Baby Blues (sephora doesn't sell yet but they have a website I order from) It's meant to replenish vitamins shed after having a baby but its literally packed with the best vitamins for hair: biotin, collagen, b12, vitamin a, folate, etc .. i was having stress shedding and postpartum loss and it slowed it down but also changed the texture of my hair from feeling so dry and thin.  It's kind of my secret hack since i'm no longer postpartum but just take it as a really amazing hair vitamin supplement.  plus its a gummy so really easy to take - and tastes like pasison fruit.   I tried the vital proteins powder collagen but no matter what i mixed it in it tasted awful .. and i tried scalp oil previously but it just left my hair super greasy. 

Re: HELP!! Hair loss/fall out?!

@NourAylaYoure only here to promote this company!! Genuine reviews only please. You should feel ashamed.

Re: HELP!! Hair loss/fall out?!

Hi, I’m so sorry to hear that. There’s a product line that I swear by called olaplex. It’s repairs hair bonds and reduces breakage. I use it because I get highlights in my hair but it’s done me wonders. I use the No. 3 10 minute treatment, followed by the olaplex shampoo and conditioner ( no. 4 & no. 5) and then once my hair dries I use the olaplex oil. My hair looks like heaven. I have friends that have never chemically treated their hair and their hair has grown so much longer than previous years and 50% less hair breaks off in just their hairbrush alone. Hope this was helpful. 

Re: HELP!! Hair loss/fall out?!

So sorry! could be stress contributing but I'll share the best product I found for hair shedding and hair loss was when I was postpartum.. I got recommended a postpartum hair vitamin meant to replenish the vitamins shed after having a baby.  I was shedding alot and had thin dry strands.. after month two it kind of was a gamechanger .. seemed to help slow the shedding and i could tell the texture of my hair wasn't so dry or thin.  I'm not postpartum anymore but I take it like a hair skin vitamin now.  They tend to sell out but I order on (---).  It's a gummy - so yummy tastes like passion fruit. Has vitamin a, b12, folate, collagen, biotin , etc.  maybe could help? best of luck the shedding is the worst. 

RE: Re: HELP!! Hair loss/fall out?!

Hi! Thanks so much! Yes, I actually just reordered the No. 3 because I used it last year and forgot how much I loved it! I’ll look into the olaplex shampoo and conditioner though because I haven’t tried them yet!! Thanks again!! 🙂 @Poetrygrl

Re: RE: Re: HELP!! Hair loss/fall out?!


Hi, I’m sorry to hear about your hair loss. I’m even more sorry that I didn’t read this post earlier. Olaplex will not help at all with hair loss. It strengthens the D-Bond in the hair and that is all it does. 

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