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1795189_10200920047278054_1496465416_o.jpgHi, everyone first of all sorry for pic not to clear but I wanted to give a better idea of my hair. Its curly frizzy dry and the curls fold and twist around each other in thick pieces (if that makes any sense) whats a good leave in condition or treatment to make em softer and less frizzy and look overall healthier Smiley Happy 


thanks a lot to everyone thats a lot of products im sure some if not all will be perfect Smiley Happy



Your hair looks really beautiful.  I would suggest using Ojon Hair Treatment.  I think this would really suit your hair type.  Good luck.


My hair is extremely similar to yours, except mine is thin and dry. Anyways, I love the Kendi oil line by Alterna, all of the products are amazing as I've repurchased all of them and have made my sister and friends love them too. I love how they fall on the natural side of hair products, so generally the smell of them is not overwhelming or chemically at all. I actually enjoy their smell. They're just plain wonderful.


The bamboo smooth kendi dry oil mist is my HG. It smells pleasant, doesn't make the hair greasy, gives the hair a natural glossy shine, and is just amazing! It's very hydrating and adds perfection to hair.




The bamboo smooth kendo oil micro mist works similarly, however it is in an aerosol spray container and gives you more control on the amount of product you use as it is a micro mist and sprays out less of the product at a time. 




The bamboo smooth pure kendi treatment oil is great for my ends and hydrates my dry and thin hair. I use it as an overnight hair treatment and when I wake up, my hair feels wonderful. It's super hydrating and really makes a difference with the texture of my hair and makes my ends look very healthy. This oil smells great as well!




The bamboo smooth anti-breakage thermal protectant spray is a great product if you're using styling tools such as a flat iron or curling wand. It gives the hair a wonderful finish when styled and again smells fantastic! After using a styling tool with this product, the ends of the hair do not look damaged, instead they look smooth, well treated, and healthy




Hope I helped!


I would love to try the Alterna products soon! Particularly the Kendi oil and the caviar dry shampoo!


I'll definitely second the Devacurl products, they're very moisturizing and help define curls better than anything I've ever used before.


Similar type hair here. I wet my hair down the shower then leave in conditioner or with a spray bottle mixed with leave in conditioner - Paul Mitchell. My current shampoo and conditioner is Paul Mitchell curl line - it's sulfate free.


Try not disrupt the curl pattern when putting products in, I do a loose shake and rake method - can be found on Ouidad's website.


I also only use a microfiber towel on my hair..the towel holds most of the water and lessen frizz. Found towel at bed bath and beyond for under $5 - comes in some neutrals and bright colors - may not say 'microfiber' on it, but it is Smiley Happy it's called 'pure performance' made for bbb


Ouidad's humidity gel works well, gives definition and tames frizz - I found in Sephora a trial set for under $20.


Or Bumble and Bumble's curl creme


and their lightweight, soaks in quickly invisible oil


B&B directly very frequently gives free shipping or expedited and tons of samples/deluxe samples included



Hi Nadan! I know my picture doesn't really show it, but we have the same hair texture. haha Yours is about 2 inches longer than mine though.  What I've recently found, and love,  is the DevaCurl No-Poo® and conditioner.  I've never had my hair feel so soft and manageable! I actually like wearing my hair curly now instead of blowing it out everyday. haha. 


The conditioner feels like it's going to be kind of heavy and weigh everything down, but it doesn't.  I also recommend using the Light Defining Gel.  This is really going to help your frizz when your hair starts to dry.  (You want to apply this when your hair is basically dripping wet and then lightly remove the moisture with the DevaTowel.) 


Give them a shot and let me know how you like them! 






i second devacurl products!  my hair is so hydrated and i am in love with my curls mostly because of these products!  i tired to use something else when i colored my hair and immediately felt a difference.  I am back to my devacurl!


Hi Nadan!  We have pretty similar hair, so I thought I'd chime in.


I adore the Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask. 


I'll use a nice palm-full for a deep conditioning treatment that I'll rinse out after a few minutes in the shower (but you can also wrap the hair and leave it on for as long as you like!), or sometimes I'll use just a VERY small amount on the ends as a leave-in.  It smells so good, and makes your hair super soft!  Check out the research results:


Research results:
- 96% less breakage after only 1 use
- 13 times longer hair life after only 1 use
- 85% better conditioning and detangling after only 1 use


I have tried tons and tons of various hair products, but this one I keep coming back to!


Frizzy, dry, and wild matter! Smiley Very Happy

What products are you currently using? The below two threads cover shampoo/conditioner, styling products, to styling and management tips. Everything from various brands to avoid sulfates (harsh detergents that dry out locks and can wreck havoc on curls), drying alcohols (but also good alcohols), to even little tips such as how to dry hair (blotting and squeezing with a towel rather than rubbing, which breaks up curl and roughs up the cuticle of hair) to using a diffuser and ensuring hair is protected from thermal tools.

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