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Hey all! 


As I'm sure I've stated before, I have recently become a student again for the first time in a decade... it's great for my future, but horrible, HORRIBLE on my current financial situation.


I am not able to afford a haircut right now, and my hair is doing some strange, strange things.


No matter what I do ( clarifying shampoos, cowashing, kendi oil, deep conditioning ), the bottom half of my hair is a dried out mess, and my roots are flat as a board.  


Does anyone have some maintenance/styling tips for me until I can make it to the salon?  I am becoming so sick of throwing my gross hair into a bun!


   *sighs* my dad took a pair of scissors too my hair because he was pissed off at me now it looks horrible but i can't afford a salon, even a cheap cut place, to get it cut somewhat normal again


Go to a beauty school! They often will give give ridiculously cheap or free haircuts for practice.


EDIT: Oops. Just saw the same advice below. Sorry for the repeat!


have you tried the bagging method? add oil of your choice to slightly damp hair and wear a plastic cap overnight, i do this during the winter when my hair tends to get extremely dry, it leaves my hair soft and shiny.


Thanks for the tips, ladies! 


My hair used to be a short bob, but now that it is about shoulder-blade length, I don't think that a hair school is such a bad idea.  


I have been pulling every possible product from my stockpile, but what I really need is a trim.  


Honestly, you would probably save money on trying out a bunch of products by just going to a supercuts, or similar low cost salon.  You can also see if there are any salon schools in your area.  I used to get my hair cut at the Aveda school- $18 for a shampoo, cut, and blow out, and you aren't allowed to tip the students.  It may not be the best cut of your life, but it will clean up your hair, and save you money on trying out products that may or may not work!


Groupon often has good haircut deals, if you can afford to spend ~30-40 dollars.


I was also going to suggest checking out a salon school.  The students have to cut real hair, and sometimes they will offer free or $5/$10 hair cuts.  Just call around or google it to find dome near you Smiley Happy

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