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Guys don't like bangs?

I haven't had bangs since high school (over a decade ago) but several weeks ago I decided to get bangs.  I figured bangs would help camoflage my flaky forehead (prescription acne medication is wreaking havoc on my skin) and also the line I swear is getting deeper by the day.  I was right and I loved them.  My husband hated them though.  I told him he'd get used to them but I was wrong - he hates them.  I said "oh well" and started pulling my bangs back again.

Then Michelle Obama copied me (ha!) and got bangs.  Karl Lagerfeld said her bangs were a bad idea.  Yesterday I clicked through an article about what guy's think of women's hair and they stated they don't like bangs except side swept. 


Do you have bangs?  What do the men in your life think of them?

Re: Guys don't like bangs?

oops- my 'garter belt'  response makes no sense- out of context. I was just laughing at the bikini/heels comment!

Re: Guys don't like bangs?

I wore bangs for a couple of years- sometimes longer, then thicker and shorter- I loved them. Problem is- they were wrong for me, in terms of the proportion of my face- which someone at Bumble & Bumble pointed out. Now they are very long and sideswept. My husband loves the look, except when it tumbles into my eyes! I agree with Lagerfeld on Michele's bangs. While it is a nice, dramatic change, it pulls the eye down to her jaw and makes her face look more square.

Re: Guys don't like bangs?

FYI: also, I like the way Michelle Obama looks with bangs. Smiley Happy

Re: Guys don't like bangs?

To be honest, I think I kind of agree with MoreGun89. Guys can be sort of weird with what they like (and what they don't like.) My ex used to love when I bleached my hair blonde, even though it actually sort of makes me look "washed out." :/

 On the subject of bangs, I had them for years and personally, I did not like them because of how fast they grew into my eyes. And I dislike the side-swept look on myself too, and if I pin anything (with bobby pins or hair clips) it tends to look a bit severe on me. So I can only really do the fringe of bangs going straight across. To be honest though, I don't think it improves the way I look so I haven't had them for years. Mind you, I have known women who I honestly think look BETTER with bangs. My mother is one of them. They make her look young and cute. But on many women, I also think they're a bad idea. It totally depends on your face (and your personality to some extent too.) But don't base any of your decisions on what guys say, because yeah, sometimes I think some guys have questionable taste. :/ Also, if men had their way we might all be walking around in string bikinis and high heels 24/7. Who thinks that's a good idea? Smiley Wink

Re: Guys don't like bangs?

Don't forget to add the garter belt and stockings to the look....

Re: Guys don't like bangs?

I think Michelle Obama looks good with bangs too!  Very youthful and fun.


I got a lot of compliments from women regarding my bangs so I think they did work on me.  Despite my husband's dislike of them, I wore my bangs down almost every day for a few weeks until they got too long. (I also look goofy when I try side swept.)  I just got a trim so I've been wearing them down once in awhile.


I definitely don't fully base what I do on what my husband says but I do take his opinions into consideration.  He definitely has questionable taste in some areas.  I just bought a polka dot purse that he thinks is ridiculous but I get complimented, "Oh your bag is so cute!" or "I love your bag!" on an almost daily basis. 

Re: Guys don't like bangs?

I got bangs a couple of years ago and fell in love with them. I felt like they made me look so frseh. I wasn't dating anyone at the time but I can say I never had any guy say bangs were a bad idea. The ONLY thing that I can think of is maybe guys associate bangs with little girls because I had that thought before I did it. I actually ended up getting rid of them purely because they were annoying to keep up with. They are the right length for like a week. When you get them cut, they're too short, and shortly after they're too long and hit your eyelashes. 


I find the topic in general though to be rather interesting..just a guys opinion period on how you do your makeup, your hair, what you wear, etc. I'm 25 now but all through college and a couple years after, I was single, so I found myself not caring and played around with my makeup and my style. Now that I'm hitting my mid 20s, I find my style is a lot more conservative. Whenever I went on a date with a guy, I found myself sticking to natural makeup, because I know so many guys complain about too much makeup. I was shocked to hear in conversation with my boyfriend one day that he loves smokey eyes, and not just the conservative smokey eye, I'm talking full black lid, smudged bottom liner smokey eye circa Emma Stone in Zombieland (horrible reference but it's the one he makes constantly). So now I've found myself playing with smokey eyes, especially when I know I want to turn him on. I even went to Sephora with him one day and asked him to help me pick out a smokey palette that he would like to see on me. But I also had a roommate in college that wasn't very good with makeup, but loved me to do her makeup and she loved to have fun with it. But being a girl that was always natural and wearing next to nothing, every guy got on her case about wearing too much. That made me think why can't she wear it because she wants to and it makes her feel good. It almost is just a bummer when a guy says he doesn't like it because it feels so limiting to your creativity. I don't know, I just find the concept intriguing!


That being said, you just do what feels most comfortable for you! Your hubby will come around.

Re: Guys don't like bangs?

In regards to doing a smokey eye for your bf - I'm the same way now with my bangs and the husband.  If I'm "in the mood" I'll make sure and pull them back because I know that's what he finds attractive.

Re: Guys don't like bangs?

Lol, it's interesting what guys think. There's approval and disapproval, then there's the comments that makes me laugh:


1. When I had a hole on my cheek from squeezing out a giant blackhead: "wow! That is so cool! You can like, stick a pencil in it when you are bored...." Please note, this was 8th grade.

2. When the usually minimal make up me went for a dark red lips as Catwoman for Halloween and walked up to my guy friends. "Woah! wow! WOW!! You've got lips! It's like, you are not all pale anymore! You've got color on your face!" This is in grad school, but I think they were in frat boy mode.

3. When my dad comment I look so pretty I don't need make up. I did not tell him I had mascara, concealer and tinted lip balm on when he told me that.

Re: Guys don't like bangs?

I feel exactly the same way as beautytester and lylysa, it's all about confidence and being your own person.Smiley Happy

Re: Guys don't like bangs?

There are somethings that girls do that guys love. And there are somethings that girls do that guys just don't get, ever. Most guys don't get bangs, but most of them know not to push that opinion on girls.


The horizontal bangs makes my eyes look darker and emphasize my eye bag/dark cricles. I like the look of side-swept bangs and ask for them every time I get haircut, but I don't like the feel of hair on my face, so I end up always pinning them back. So, I have bangs and like them, but I don't ever wear them. The men in my life don't care, they are more fascinated when I wear make up since I usually don't do that.

Re: Guys don't like bangs?

Frankly I think that no matter what style a woman is rocking, be it curls, waves, layers, weaves, extensions, straight, bangs, pin curls, victory rolls, shaved, or even bald, if the comfort and confidence is there, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.


Certainly styles have certain aspects that one must take into account to compliment features and be tailored to be suitable to each individual, so as long as you're applying that to your facial proportions and getting it carried out right, then keep on!


Everyone's going to have their own opinion, and granted that your husband might not be too keen, he married and loves you, he didn't marry and fall in love with your hair alone.


I'm glad to hear you love them, I think you should stick to keeping them down, the way you intended to wear them, not just slick or pin them back to please the hubby. Look at it this way, you love it, so that's going to show and reflect in your attitude, you made the effort to get them done, so if you have to alter that it's going to come across that you have to force down or hold back what you want/like, and what good will that do? You'll end up feeling like you have to put yourself aside, and your husband will tell that you're unhappy.


Everyone is a critic, and for every negative review, there's a positive. Just look at girls like Zooey Deschanel and even Jessica Alba in Sin City, both rock blunt cut bangs! Zooey's a star and her show New Girl has made her a even bigger hit, showing guys that beauty can be found in the quirks. Jessica Alba is a top pick for countless hot lists in men's magazines and websites, her blunt bangs didn't knock off any hot points.


I had bangs growing up as a child, but my hair was also super short and though I hated it then, I look at my hair now and often wonder what I would look like with bangs again other than a side swept style. I don't think I'm brave enough to take the plunge to find out! Smiley Tongue


I say kudos for you for finding a style you like that looks good and also serves a functional aspect! Your husband will get used to it, point blank, it's hair, it'll grow. Besides, I'm sure he's not a spitting image of your 100% dream guy in ever aspect.


I say let those bangs down and show 'em off!

Re: Guys don't like bangs?

Oh it's not like I let my husband bully me into not wearing my bangs down.  I simply take his opinion into consideration and pull them back more often.  At first I wore them down every day thinking he'd get used to them but he didn't - he just doesn't find them attractive. 


Re: Guys don't like bangs?

I think he's just coming across as being selfish, you got the bangs for functional reasons plus you discovered that you like how they look on you. 


I'm sure he doesn't bully you, but for you to take his opinion into consideration and sweep them back more often around him, should he take how you feel about them into consideration to and realize, "Wow, my wife went and tried something new and she really likes it, I like seeing her happy!"?



Re: Guys don't like bangs?

Men and hair are weird.  Mine winces the entire time I get it cut if he decides to go with me, I don't know why he likes it long, it seems that when it's long it has no body or style :/

Re: Guys don't like bangs?

My boyfriend has been telling me to go get my haircut how it was in the past (aka bangs). He loves them on me!

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