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Getting no-heat curls to last

My daughter likes to curl her hair by putting it in a bun while just slightly damp and then sleeping in it. It looks beautiful in the morning, BUT she has very long, thick hair, and they don't last the day. We tried an inexpensive mousse, and it didn't help. Is there a product that works really well specifically on no-heat curls, and that won't make her hair feel gross? I'm particularly looking for something to put in it before curling it, but would also welcome suggestions for the best hairsprays, etc to put on once the bun has come out, too. It may be that we need a combo of both. Smiley Happy

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

We use a rolled up sock with the end cut off for my niece. She is in dance and cheer and it holds up better than any of the bun forms. It also seemed to curl her hair better as well. Like lylysa we put a gel lotion in her hair when it was damp.

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

what bun former are you referring to? I always braid my hair but its annoying to sleep on... but just twisting my hair up in a bun doesn't produce the best result for me... I'd be interested in knowing what you use!

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

Ooh, I found them!  I really didn't think I would, but I remembered posting something about them elsewhere a long time ago, and I was able to track that post down.  Here they are: 


My daughter is a dance, and she could NEVER use one of these for a performance bun (or even a class bun, depending on how strict the teacher is), but they are perfect for sleeping in b/c they don't pull on the hairs and are just generally very comfortable.  She's slept in a variety of other things to curl her hair, and this is by far the easiest to put in and the comfiest to sleep in.  

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

Oh man, we bought them YEARS ago, and I can't remember the name. I think it might've even been hand made, not something mass produced. I will see if I can find out, but in the meantime, a really similar product is the Whirl A Style. It's made from rubber and it's pretty stiff, so it might not be as comfortable to sleep in. (My daughter's are fabric, but they have a bendable wire edging sewn inside to give it form.) But the concept of using both is the same - you pull the hair through the center and then roll up.

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

Good point about tighter curls.  Although what we like about the current system is its utter simplicity.  Next week, when dance starts again, she doesn't even get home until close to 10 three days per week, and then up at 6:30.  We use this bun former that you actually roll the hair up in, rather than twist, so it creates waves.  And it takes about 30 seconds to roll it up.  That said, we have two of those formers, so we could probably do 60 seconds, LOL.  We're waiting to roll until it's about 95% dry, as her hair is too thick to dry well when it's up.  So I wait until it feels mostly dry before we roll it up.  (Or, on nights she hasn't showered, we just put 2 or 3 spritzes of water on.  I'm thinking I might spritz setting lotion directly onto her dry hair tonight and see how that goes.)

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

I remember those bun formers!!!!


As long as hair is wet (doesn't need to be drenched or dripping wet from a full washing) the setting lotion will take to it, it doesn't really work on dry hair unless you get a fair amount of the SL to saturate and wet the dry hair.

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

Thanks for the tip!  We'll dampen it first, then add the setting lotion, and see how it goes. Smiley Happy

I have been eyeing that LP style extend primer.  Would you use that in conjunction with the styling lotion, or in place of it?

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

They're two different items honestly since the primer can be used in conjunction with other items and the SL is more of a styling product. If you use both, apply the primer first then the SL on top.


Let me know how it goes! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

I will!  Honestly, I'm even thinking of trying this on myself.  I have super fine hair, and a fairly good amount of it, although nothing like my daughter's.  (She got that from her daddy - he has to have the stylist thin his when he gets it cut!  A point he loves mentioning to my balding father, LOL.)  It hangs so limp most of the time, and I'm curious if this might not work well for me, too.  But my hair holds a curl even worse than hers!  So I have to find some good styling products...

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last



Setting lotions work excellent for thin or fine hair because it's not heavy like a gel.


I have a mannequin head that I would practice styles on and after doing pin curls (which look like the photo below, but each curl/section is pinned until dry) the style stayed in for MONTHS until I washed it out. The mannequin has human hair too and I didn't use anything aside from the Proclaim SL!



Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

Good to know!  Totally going to try it soon - maybe tomorrow. Smiley Happy

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

No problem! Pin curls take up quite some time, especially if hair is long, I advise using a blow dryer for a bit too as if you're starting this technique at night by the time all hair is rolled and pinned it'll be late and might not dry by morning.

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

Sorry, I meant I was going to try the setting lotion, not the pin curls.  I can 100% guarantee you that I do not have the coordination or patience to do that, LOL.  I just want to try one of my daughter's bun makers on my own hair with some setting lotion in it to see if I can get longer lasting curls. Smiley Happy  I did not end up getting around to it last night, though.  I think maybe I'll try it over the weekend to make sure it it doesn't end up looking awful.

Oh, and we tried double buns on my DD last night, and her curls came out SO pretty this morning.  I'm really, really hoping they last longer, too...

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

It's funny what two, three, or even four buns can do! You might even try braiding them first and then twisting them into buns! There's so much variety in terms of texture you can achieve!

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

I've done bantu knots on her before.  Boy, that was a riot of curls!  I love that we have the simple buns for everyday use, but it is so fun to play with other methods.  I'm lucky that she is generally pretty cooperative in letting me do her hair!  When I was a kid, I totally wanted to be a hair stylist.  Life did not take me in that direction, but I still love playing with hair, and my DD has a great head of hair for it. Smiley Happy

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

Smiley Happy That's so sweet! Live out those inner hair dresser dreams!!!


I never had long hair growing up because my mom said I wouldn't be responsible enough to take care of it, so I missed out on the whole "mom helping me with my hair" thing. No matter though, never stopped me from playing with hair mascara and looking up as much as what i could possibly do when I could have long hair!


Now it's past my hips!

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

I chopped my daughter's hair once when she was 5.5 b/c it was just a constant, tangled mess.  I hated to do it b/c she has darned near perfect hair, but I just couldn't take the struggle anymore.  However, by the time it grew back out, she'd gotten more mature AND she was dancing more seriously, so we needed enough length for a good bun.  However, we HAVE gone through periods where she was required to braid it or otherwise style it in a way that would minimize tangles, LOL.  I think now that she is in middle school (and one combined with a high school, at that), for better or for worse, she is more aware of her appearance and is getting better at taking care of her hair. Smiley Happy  

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

We picked up some of the Proclaim last night and used it today - I'll be curious to see if her curls last any longer! I love that it is so cheap. Smiley Happy  I also know we have some Ellnet laying around that I bought awhile back, but we moved over the summer, and I can't find it! Drat.


It's just hard for me to spend a ton of money on my 10-year old's hair, but then again, she has lovely hair that has a lot more styling options than my own, LOL. And she just switched schools and has a VERY early start time (over an hour earlier than before), so it's worth it to find ways to simplify her morning routine and still look put together. Middle school is a whole different ball game from elementary! Smiley Happy

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

Try also have her twist her hair into more than one bun so the curls are tighter, meaning if they do fall any throughout the day there's a prolonged span for them to soften. Be sure her hair is completely dry before unpinning the bun. I find after washing and towel drying hair, take a spray bottle, divide the hair into 3 or 4 sections and mist with the setting lotion, twist, make a bun, and secure. If you're worried the hair won't dry in time, take a blow dryer on low or medium heat for a bit to help it along.


The Proclaim setting lotion is what I use when doing retro pin curls and waves, it gives that soft finish that leaves hair touchable.

Re: Getting no-heat curls to last

I would suggest using a setting lotion (found cheap and plentiful at Sally Beauty Supply stores, look for Proclaim's version which is a blue liquid). Setting lotions are great to set and give a solid look to hair but not leave residue, flakes, or hard texture to hair.


Have your daughter must this generously into hair while it's damp before she puts it in a bun. Another option is a styling cream. These keep to the effect of a setting lotion in the fact they don't produce a hard, crunchy texture to the finished look.


Check into Living Proof's Styling Cream:


It's a great formula that doesn't weigh hair down and combats that and frizz/humidity with polyfluroesters.


Another product from LP that will help prep hair to hold a style better is their Style Primer:


As for a spray to keep hold without making hair stiff, try a shaping or brushable hair spray like Loreal's Elnett (available in various formulas), Sebastian Shaper (in various formulas), LP's Flex Hairspray, and I believe even Nexxus makes one.



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