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Frizzy thin curly hair >(8(

HeYyY Beauties!!!


I am in need of help with my hair! I can style it and make it look absolutely beautiful when I use the instyler. The problem is that I am going through some health issues and I have to be on antibiotics and medicine and it just dries out and thins my hair follicles. As a result I am trying to use as less heat as possible. The problem is that I have always had frizzy curly hair and I have a super young looking face. I am 24 and look like I am 14 when my hair is curly, (doesn't help that I am petite.) When my hair is straight and styled with the instyler I look like my age and my BF likes it! Here is my question...HOW can I style my hair safely? I am using WEN and it is making my hair a little bit healthier looking. I did have the keratin treatment done a year ago. It was ok but never made my hair dry straight. I have heard that some Keratin treatments make it dry straight? My hair is a little past my shoulders and I actually don't have crazy split ends, its just my hair isn't growing due to my illness so0o I kinda don't want to cut it. Whoa to conclude can you help me style my hair with out so0o much heat but still give it that nice smooth finish that the instyler gives?


Any advice is welcome!!!! >(8D) 

Re: Frizzy thin curly hair >(8(

I have straight hair, so I cannot assist on how to get curly hair straight without heat, but I hope I can help you with keeping your hair healthy and with more moisture.  I use a deep conditioner twice a week on my healthy hair.  I would suggest using deep moisture conditioner more regularly, every other day if needed.  I also swear by hair oils.  My faves are morracon oil brand in the blue bottle (little heavier - I find good in the winter) and Alterna bamboo oil in the summer.  If you don't over do it, it does not make your hair oily.  A little goes a long way.  I swear by those two things for soft healthy hair.  Hope you doing well.

Re: Frizzy thin curly hair >(8(

Thank you Spedteacher74,


I think that is my problem also I wait up to three days to deep condition my hair. I have tried the the blue bottle one and I love it! maybe I should just use that a tad more often! Thank you! >(8D) 

Re: Frizzy thin curly hair >(8(

Hi, Greyes!  I'm a little confused as to whether you want your hair curly or you want it straight; you seem to imply both.  I have shoulder length, fine textured, curly hair.  I haven't used a hair dryer in years.


If you are going to heat style, I second lylysa's suggestion to use an ionic blow dryer (this is what I used to use).  You will be able to use a lower setting and your hair will dry faster.  If you are looking for curls, use a diffuser attachment.  This will help with the frizzies and you'll be able to control styling your curls.


An alternative is to use a curl cream and let your hair air dry.  That's what I do; it helps control the frizz and gives me nice looking curls.  You can always finger comb your hair loosen and style your curls.


When all else fails, put your hair up with a jaw clip.  It's easier on your hair than a rubber band, and you'll probably get lot's of compliments (I do)!

Re: Frizzy thin curly hair >(8(

HeYyY Titian06,


That is true I implied both...what I meant was that when I "straighten" my hair I always use the instyler to give it a curl at the bottom so0o not to make my hair pin straight just smooth with styled curls. I have heard go0od things about an ionic blow dryer I'm going to look into some of them. Are there any ones that you or anyone could suggest? I would love to have the ability to air dry with curl cream just unfortunately my hair because of the keratin treatment a year ago still does that thing when the hair on the top of your head will dry curly and then the last three inches will dry completely straight! Not a great look lol! 


Ha funny thing is at work I wear my hair up in a jaw clip to get it out of my face so0o I could look professional LOL so0o I will continue to do that! 


Thank you again!! >(8D) 

Re: Frizzy thin curly hair >(8(

I am still on the anti-biotics and other medicines for Lyme and Fibromyalgia. I agree with you to stay away from keratin. I just started hearing about the Living Proof I was going to look into that I guess after the WEN is done. I guess what I'm trying to figure out if heat is bad for your hair and people say you can blow dry your hair with a cool there away I can make it somewhat smooth and straightened with cool air? Also I am absolutely clueless on how to blow out my hair at all. I have tried and it just doesn't work I think it is because my hair is not even thin but it sometimes seems like it is just a weightless mess. I chalk it up the fact I am unhealthy and the weird part is that when I leave it natural I'm being healthy to my hair but people think I look sick because my hair is just that bad looking then when I straighten it and take time causing it to become more damaged I look like I have healthy hair but I know I'm damaging it...I guess my question is that if my hair looks healthy when I style it (even though it is not good to damage your hair) is it ok to just keep on that routine? 

Re: Frizzy thin curly hair >(8(

If you're going to use a blow dryer, use it on the lowest setting, which will take a bit longer, but also will minimize the amount of heat damage to your strands and be sure to use a thermal protector. I like Redken's Heat Glide for curly or thick hair as the serum-like formula holds up better to your hair type rather than a spray which may be too lightweight (or look into the LP and Alterna products below I mentioned, some do have thermal protection). The idea of using cool air is also a good route to go, also, try looking into a ionic blow dryer, ionic types help to create negative ions which in turn help to aid in smoothing down hair but also locking in moisture and decreasing drying time. Hot Tools and T3 are some great brands to look into for ionic dryers.


Like Amariegr was saying, getting the proper hair cut will also help you embrace your curls. What is your current length and style/cut?

Re: Frizzy thin curly hair >(8(

Sorry for some reason your post was hidden. 8( Anywho0o thank you for suggesting some ionic blow dryers! I think that is the problem, also I haven't been able to find a trusty heat protector product! So0o I will deff have to check out Redken's. My current length is past my shoulders for my longest layer and then my crown section is just at my ears. Most of the problem lies in the fact that my hair is not even and it's so0o light in weight that there is no shape to it. Not that it sticks up it just kinda lays there with out any shape. The only time it has some shape and looks pretty is when I style it with heat and make soft curls. 

Re: Frizzy thin curly hair >(8(

No worries!


With the mention of your length and the layers, I would definitely recommend growing your hair out a bit more to where you allow your curls to provide a bit more "weight" as to combat the "halo"/"puffy" effect which can happen with lighter texture and with shorter layers. Unless your goal is for lots of body and volume around your face, try to have your layers start below your chin or right around your jawline. This will prevent hair from rising up too much and sticking up.


Take a look at these posts from Kimmi (you might have seen her in the forums, she's quite the regular here, and also a curly haired gal that was seeking some hair cut/style advice):


The first link chronicles her hair before the cut and suggestions, tips, and photos from myself and users and the second is the reveal thread of after her cut. I'm not sure if your curls are along those lines, but it'll give you an idea of styles and cuts to work with.


Curl creams should be an item to look into, they have more weight than mousse, but won't feel crunchy like gel, and give touchable definition to curls but still be able to hold them down so they don't want to frizz and go pouffy!

Re: Frizzy thin curly hair >(8(

Thank you so0o very much, Lylysa!


I will absolutely be checking those out!! >(8D) 

Re: Frizzy thin curly hair >(8(

LOVE your curls girl!! I have really fine, dry, blond curly I'm familiar with your frustration. My saving grace has been a) getting regular hair cuts and b) Lush R&B. It's a hair moisturizer with all natural & cruelty free ingredients. STOP heat styling your hair, you need to do major rehab before you destroy your hair to the point that the only fix is cutting it all off! I've tried so many frizz fighting products, I've straightened my hair..but nothing makes me feel sexier than having shiny, "controlled" naturally curly hair. 

I don't know what your diet is like, but if you eat lots of sugar and don't drink a lot of water..that has a huge effect on your hair and skin. Heat styling/products are like a band-aid, your hair is dry and frizzy from a lack of proper nutrients getting to the follicle & a simple change in your diet could make a world of difference! 

Re: Frizzy thin curly hair >(8(

I do love that I have curly hair I never straighten it to be flat, in fact when I use the instyler I use to to smooth out my hair and then let it curl. I wish I could let my hair just be naturally controlled hair it just A) makes me look like 10 years younger and when you are 24 you don't want to look like a 14 year old with your 25 year old bf and friends. B) It just doesn't look healthy.

I do eat a lot of fish and foods with omega for healthy hair. I have to eat pretty healthy due to my health reasons. I almost want to invent a cool temperature hair smoother! They don't exist right?


Re: Frizzy thin curly hair >(8(

By chance are you still on the anti-biotics and medicine?


I would opt to stay away from more keratin treatments if possible, even though many advancements have been made, it's still a chemical process on hair and the fact that the state of your strands is altered so drastically by the medications you're on you want to prevent risking worsening them even more.


Keeping with more gentle products (like Wen) is a good start, it will decrease the chances of any harsh chemicals or ingredients from stripping hair of the natural oils it needs and that its having difficultly maintaining.


To help with frizz and the overall smoothing and manageability, I would recommend Living Proof. It's a line that doesn't contain silicones and waxes but relies on polyfluroesters to smooth and tame locks. An excess of silicones and waxes often leads to hair looking flat, dull, lifeless, and heavy (which is why clarifying shampoos are often needed). Too much silicone and wax in products (including styling items) also form water impervious shields over hair, so that may be good to lock out moisture and humidity, but it can also be a double edged sword as it can also lock out much needed and healthy sources of moisture.




The two kits/lines from LP above might be something to look into, the first being the No Frizz line, which will tackle frizz and will work whether your hair is curly or straight. The second is the Restore line, which helps to target hair health, making it less prone to break and targeting the porosity of hair (when hair is too porous it's susceptible to breakage, split ends, fraying, feeling dry, and becoming brittle).


LP also offers a great line in styling products (from their Style Primer, which helps to extend the life and duration of your blow out, flat iron, or curling iron to their Satin Hair Serum, a super nourishing serum that helps protect against heat, smoothes, shines, and makes hair sleek).


Alterna (their Caviar line especially) is another option I suggest looking into, it's great to strengthen hair but also their treatments (Carviar Retexturing Protein Cream, Overnight Hair Rescue, CC Cream, and Blow Out Cream) help to aid in more resilient hair during the styling process.

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