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Frizzy Mexican Hair!!

I have thick, long, wavy mexican hair. I have not been able to find a product that I can us to elimate frizz after my hair drys. I like to wear it curly. When it is semi-dry it looks great but once it drys it looks like a puff ball. Any suggestions?

Re: Frizzy Mexican Hair!!

I'm half mexican and black so i understand the puff ball look lol, i use devacurl and shea moisture products they really help with frizz and moisture (:

Re: Frizzy Mexican Hair!!

I feel your pain, soy Chicana. I'm in love with the No Frizz line from Living Proof. There's a shampoo, conditioner, and styling cream. I like to just use the cream when my hair is still damp. I run it through with my fingers, massage it into my ends, comb, then run my fingers through my hair a bit more and let it completely air dry. After repeated use, my hair gradually tamed more and looked healthier. 

Re: Frizzy Mexican Hair!!

What products are you currently using for shampoo, conditioner, treatments, and styling/finishing products?


Regardless of ethnicity, wavy or even curly hair often requires more moisture to help lock and preserve shape better than those with straight hair. Sulfates and drying alcohols strip hair of essential oils that our scalp naturally produces which works it way to our strands to help condition. Sulfates are detergents and salts used to give the visual lather and bubbling in cleansing and shampoo products while drying alcohols are used to cut down on dry/styling time.


In regards to frizz, this can often happen when hair is depleted of moisture (whether it's due to hair type being naturally more on the dry side, using hot tools too often, using the wrong type of products, etc.) and then moisture int he atmosphere throws this off. Heat and chemical damage can also roughen up the cuticle and texture of hair, making it less smooth and thus more difficult to tame.


With curly and wavy hair, due to the shape, the hair cuticle lays more open, meaning moisture depletes quicker and thus the need for more conditioning and moisture rich products. For starters, aim your eye to brands that are geared toward curly/wavy hair. These formulas will be more fortified and better suited for your hair type in general and provide much needed moisture without being too weighty. Brands like Deva Curl, Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk link, Ouidad, Bumble & Bumble, and Redken's Curvaceous (not sold at Sephora).


In regards to combating dryness and replenishing moisture, Carol's Daughter's Monoi line is wonderful as well while Living Proof's No Frizz line is great to tame and combat frizz regardless of hair's texture.


More than often shampoo/conditioners to address dryness and impart moisture will depend on various oils that are rich in essential fatty acids. Ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, apricot oil, mango butter, kukui nut oil, and macadamia oil tend to be used. Styling products, specially smoothing serums, tend to favor using silicones and dimethicones as a smoothing agent. These can work both for and against hair as if a product is rich in conditioners it can help lock those benefits into strands, but an over abundance of silicone/dimethicone can cause water impervious bonds to form around strands, which in turn locks out moisture that your hair will desperately need. This can be avoided by using the proper amount of product and also applying properly (avoid coating roots/tops of hair with smoothing serums, this will make roots look greasy and piecey) along with using a clarifying shampoo as needed every so often to provide additional assistance in ridding hair of build up.


Living Proof is a brand that doesn't rely on heavy silicones or waxes, which is wonderful, instead relying on polymers and what is known as polyfluroesters, these particles help smooth the cuticle of hair to combat frizz, promote manageability, and extend styles.


Now, in regards to alcohols, the trick is to know which alcohols are good and which are bad. Ethanol, SD alcohol, alcohol denat, propanol, propyl alcohol, and isopropyl alcohol are all drying in excessive use since they help to cut down drying time.


Good alcohols are emollient and include lauryl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, myristyl alcohol, steraryl alcohol, cetearyl alcochol, and behenyl alcohol.


My hair is long (I'm talking like past my hips-long), thick, and also wavy and I'm currently in love with using Redken's Curvaceous shampoo and conditioner (which can also be used as a leave-in conditioning cream). For a richer conditioner, I like the mask (it comes in a tub) from It's a 10 (not sold at Sephora), but I also bounce back and fourth with using LP's No Frizz and Full line (I like to amp up volume too).


Since you like to wear your hair curly/wavy, try using styling creams, these help keep the texture of hair soft, but imparts moisture a little better than gels (which evaporate to dry down).


You might also look into getting a hair cut in a style that will better frame your overall look to where frizz won't emphasize or create an unflattering shape. Avoid short, choppy layers which on curly/wavy hair when dry can add too much bulk around the face and look too poufy, check into salons and establishments for a professional that is well versed in cutting curly/wavy hair as well to ensure someone with experience in your hair type is working with you.




Re: Frizzy Mexican Hair!!

I have very curly that gets puffy and frizzy really fast.  Its finer but I have a lot on my head.


What I usually use to eliminate frizz is oils.  I like Argan oil or the Exquisite Oil by Matrix Biologe.  I also use plenty of leave in conditioner (The Conditioner by Paul Mitchell) along with the oil. 


Then I put in products that'll help keep curl in my hair like Round Trip and Twirl Around by Paul Mitchell, then a spray gel and comb thru.  Shake your hair out and leave it alone so as not to disturb the curl cuz then it fizzes easily.


Hope this helps!

Re: Frizzy Mexican Hair!!

I don't think it's just because you're Mexican.  Smiley Happy


But... stuff that works for me is this:


I wash my hair about every other day.  I use two different types of shampoo and usually just alternate between a really good clarifying shampoo and a hydrating shampoo.... I'm partial to Drybar's shampoo because it gets your hair really clean!  With regard to conditioner I think the drugstore L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Conditioner is really good.  I usually let that sit while I'm washing the rest of my body!


If I'm wearing my hair natural I'll put some Carol's Daughter Hair Milk leave in conditioner and Josie Maran hair treatment oil on my ends.


If I'm blow drying my hair I'll use Alterna's CC cream and a spray thermal heat protectant and then will blow dry my hair.  and I follow with Josie Maran hair treatment mostly on my ends.


On nights before I wash my hair (in the morning).... I try to warm up some coconut oil and coat my hair with it and then braid it so my hair can just soak in as much goodness as possible. 


Good luck!

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