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Frizzy Hair

Hi my hair is extremely frizzy and curly so I like to curl my hair to make the curls look more put together but my hair is still frizzy. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what to do.  All of it is frizzy but especially the top and I try not to put that much product above the ears because the crown of my head gets oily.

Re: Frizzy Hair

hi there!


some suggestions I can make are to not rub your hair when you dry it.  it creates frizz that you don't need; also not shampooing and conditioning with hot water, but if you do a cool rinse should be done at the end.  you can also use some smoothing/styling creams to help calm the hair down.  hair oils like argan, coconut, or morracan argan oil can work but only use a little throughout the hair since oils can weigh down hair. 


I have really curly and wavy hair and I've battled with the same thing for years and years.  the products I've used that can help are by Paul Mitchell and Sexy Hair.  PM Quick Slip and Fast Form, Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Leave in conditioner.  I also use a blow out cream from either John Freida or Redken; the John Freida is called Straight Fixation (doesn't straighten for me at all ,my hair is too cury for it but works really good for smoothing) and the Redken is called Satinwear 02.  Some good finishing products that I use are John Freida Frizzease Secret Weapon + Gloss Spray, or Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade + Gloss Drops; then hairspray Straight Sexy Hair anti-frizz anti-humidity spray or Paul Mitchell Super Clean spray.

Re: Frizzy Hair

The new Alterna CC Cream 10 in 1 corrector would be a great product for you to look at for complete control.s1524701-main-hero[1].jpg

Re: Frizzy Hair

image.jpgPic of my hair today. (Edited to add pic)


I used to get very frizzy hair until I embraced my waves.  I don't have curly hair, so what I do may not exactly work for you.  But I have noticed the biggest change when doing these two things: 1) put product in my hair when it is still very wet from taking a shower and 2) wrapping that wet hair in a microfiber towel while I am getting ready (so it is in the towel like 15-20 minutes).


I have also learned that once I take it out of the towel, I try to avoid touching my hair.  The more I touch it, the more the curl (wave) breaks up and frizz appears.


It has also taken about a year to find the products that work best to achieving the texture/look I want out of my hair.

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