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Frizzy+Gross looking hair

Okay, lately its been SO humid out and i always straighten my hair and so far my hair had gone from straight to wavy and gross looking this year. I want to know if there are certain ways i can keep my hair straight or if there are products that will help. Thank you!(: -Katie

Re: Frizzy+Gross looking hair

Try pro naturals argan oil, it's super de-frizzing and smoothing, just a few drops on damp hair works.

Re: Frizzy+Gross looking hair

Hi Katie - I recently stated using Alterna Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo and conditioner and  follow up with Alterna Plumping Strand Expand & Alterna Bamboo Smooth Styling Lotion. I really like it, I mean I still had some frizz, but that's gonna happen. I'm sure if I used hairspray all over after I was done I'd have much less frizz but I just don't always like doing that. I used the Alterna Bamboo Abundant Volume set in less frizzy weather and liked that too - and my hair isn't that thick anymore so that part of why I use the Strand Expand, because I need some lift. Got the mini A;terna 'glossing set' and the Alterna Caviar set but haven't started using them yet.


You might also like to try Ouidad product line, I used that for a while quite a while back and it was Awesome!!!! I stopped using it when my hair got a bit thinner. Might try it again, especially since they have really expanded the line. It's great She started with a small line and a shop in NYC. She has really curly hair and think that's how this all got started. I believe she has more salons in a variety of locations, maybe one near you - they're great at cutting wavy/curly hair. My hairdresser cuts wavy/curly like mine and it makes All the difference in the world. So call around, look around and if you see someone with hair you like ask them where they go. Some salons will even give a perk of some sort for referring someone.

Hope this helps you, I know this can be a real pain. Hope to see what worked for you and how you made out. Be well.

Re: Frizzy+Gross looking hair

Well there are products you can use to help keep your hair straight after straightening. I live in a Humid all day everyday type of climate so i understand. 


Frizzy hair is a sign that your hair i dry, I suggest using a hydrating mask once to twice a week. Biolage Hydrotherapie conditioning Balm and Macadamia Natural Oil Mask are two that a perfect for dry hair. 


And beofre your straighten make sure you use a heat protectant, something that will also help with frizz like Macadamia Healing oil treatment or Alterna Kendi oil. And leave in cream as well while your hair is towel dried can also help depending on your hair, If your have fine hair i suggest skipping that step but if your hair doesn't get weighed down easily a cream as well will help like Redken Outshine cream. 

And then right before straightening use a working hair spray to help make sure it holds. I suggest(and love) Redkens Fashion works working spray! Divide your hair in sections, spray and then continue to do the same with the other sections. And after your done i would suggest spraying alittle more then brushing through it. 

I do this everytime i straighten my hair and i never have any problems. Hopefully it works for you. 



Re: Frizzy+Gross looking hair

Hi Kaietlynn,


Laura has given you a great recommendation. The Kendi oil is great on dry or damp hair. You also might want to use a clarifying shampoo 1-2x a week to remove excess product build up and oil. This type of product is not recommended for color treated hair.





<3 Melissa

Re: Frizzy+Gross looking hair

Hi Kaietlynn,

I recommend the entire Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz line, and especially the Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Hair Spray which extends the life of a blowout with built-in humidity resistance.


You can try the whole line in the Alterna Bamboo Smooth On-The-Go Travel Set.  Smiley Happy -Laura


Alterna Bamboo Smooth On-The-Go Travel Set.jpg

Re: Frizzy+Gross looking hair

Maybe you should try getting a Brazilian Blowout.

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