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Frizz fighting for a humid vacation

I will be going to India in March. Whenever I’m in humid places, I get very frizzy hair. My hair is thick and straight but never frizzy regularly in North America. Product recommendations? Like perhaps sprays or something?

Re: Frizz fighting for a humid vacation

@goosey3 Have thick curls, so can only recommend a microfiber towel (cotton roughs up the hair cuticle) and possibly a silicone based product to act as a seal. Possibly something from Ouidad's climate control line would work as well.

Re: Frizz fighting for a humid vacation

@goosey3 the John Frieda products work way better than I ever imagined. Also if it's in your budget Keratin does a really good job. There's always groupons for it. Also you can actually buy the keratin stuff on amazon. My mom's done it to us a bunch of times. It doesn't come out quite as good as the salon but obviously way cheaper to go that route haha 

Re: Frizz fighting for a humid vacation

@Kim888 I really would advise against that. If by "keratin stuff" you mean Keratin Treatments meant for professional stylists to be used in professional salons - there is a reason stylists pay for their education and to be taught how to do chemical services safely. Often times what you are buying on amazon isn't what it says it is in the bottle and you are chemiçally altering the structure of the hair - I would leave that to the pros. 

Re: Frizz fighting for a humid vacation

@goosey3 If you can fit it in your budget I'd highly recommend a brazilian blowout..  I have wavy, thick, frizzy hair that goes on the fritz here in the states in the summer and it air dried perfect and behaved while I was in Panama. A lot of local salons run specials on the through the winter and spring months because most people in the states get them in the summer, it may be worth a look around.


Brazilian blowout does have a straightening balm that I still use on a regular basis that helps keep the frizz down, it's been about 2 years since I had a blowout. I think they repackaged but it's the same thing. 



Re: Frizz fighting for a humid vacation

@goosey3 Have you tried a frizz control serum?  A good drugstore one is John Frieda Frizz Control Extra Strength Serum.

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