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Frizz Free for my Wedding?

I am getting married in Mexico in November and I am super excited except for one thing....I'm very nervous about what my hair is going to look like!  The wedding is on a small island so there is only one hair stylist and she charges $500 so I'm going to do my own hair.  I want to wear it down with beachy waves and I'm usually pretty good at doing my hair, but the humidity is going to pose a problem.


I have color treated hair past my shoulder.  Typical blonde medium thickness hair.  Without humidity as a factor it looks healthy and shiny, but as soon as it rains or I go to a tropical climate my dry hair sucks up the moisture from the air and turns into a poofy frizzy mess. 


I'm babying it and trying to replenish moisture and protect it from further damage, but in the short term I'm looking for styling products and/or techniques to curl my hair and have it hold a wave without looking frizzy and poofy.


Thank you for any words of wisdom!!!

Re: Frizz Free for my Wedding?

Hi Ninatwo,


I highly suggest the Bumble and Bumble De-Frizz. Its a styling as well as a finishing product that will instantly smooth and tame frizz.




You can also add a bit of Drybar Cream soda for added moisture and smooth/bouncy finish.


cream soda.jpg


Finish it with a flexible holding spray!


Bumble and Bumble De Mode


de mode.jpg

<3 Melissa
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