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For really thick hair: short or long haircut?

So I have pretty long-ish hair. My hair is also VERY VERY thick, not course but still pretty thick. It gets damaged easily; it gets split ends easily; it dries out easily; etc. I could go days, weeks, and months without using heat on it, which i have done in the past, and my hair will still turn into a frizz disaster! It gets poofy too. With summer being here, I'm debating if I should get a hair cut or grow it longer. I feel like no matter what I do, my hair will still get frizzy and dry. To give you an idea of how long my hair is now, it's just along the top of my breasts. Knowing the background of my hair, should I cut it short or keep it long? Keep in mind, I would only cut it to shoulder length because cutting it shorter than that is a disaster for me (as learned from the past). Thanks! Smiley Happy

Re: For really thick hair: short or long haircut?

What products are you currently using and what is your hair routine/regimen? How often do you wash, how do you dry, what styling or heat tools and products do you use?


For starters, whether you're going long or short, avoid blunt cuts as this will only cause the thickness of your hair to look choppy and heavy.

For example, avoid getting bangs or the ends of your hair cut like this (regardless of length):


With thick hair, blunt cuts can end up looking boxy on your frame.


Layers are a great way to still keep length but also get rid of excess weight. Depending on your face shape is how you should gauge the start and number of layers. Too many layers with hair that is prone to frizz and you risk hair looking unmanageable and rough. Razoring the ends can also remove added bulk and give lots of movement to the hair and break up the look so it's moving away from the above pictured look; however, be sure your stylist is well versed in razoring as an unpracticed professional in that technique could end up damaging hair as razoring uses a sharp blade or shears to cut against the grain of the hair shaft at a diagonal to lighten texture without sacrificing too much length.


Give us some more info like your face shape (even post a photo) along with the hair care info above so we can give more specific recommendations for styles, tips, and products!

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