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Flat iron vs. Blow dryer?

My hair type is just general frizzy, however, it can become curly if it feel likes it. So I love to straigten my hair-I have to do it basically every day since I go swimming, and was considering asking for the Drybar flat iron for Christmas. I already have the Amika Polished Perfection Straigtening Brush, but that doesn't straighten my hair as much as I would like it to, so I wanted to get an actual flat iron. However, I was also considering asking for the Drybar Buttercup Fully Loaded Set, which seems to be a better deal, and includes a hair dryer instead. Would I be able to achieve generally the same results with the blow dryer if I used the nozzle instead of the flat iron? Would it be hard to try and give my hair a blowout if I never do that? And is that more damaging to my hair? stylist here. Hair is most fragile when its... stylist here. Hair is most fragile when its wet. While the Amika seems like a good idea in theory, you're doing more damage by using this tool. It's best to apply a thermal protecting product (serum/spray) comb (not brush) any tangles out and finger dry your hair. Never ever brush your hair when its wet. When im doing a blow out on a client I will finger dry 90% of the water out then proceed with a boar bristle brush. A flat iron while it seems like it should be more damaging, if your using a professional one like GHD, will be less damaging as you only need to go over each section once with minimal pressure.
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