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Flat Iron for International Travel

I've been to Brazil twice & I'm going again soon. Both times before, I couldn't get my flat iron to work. Since then, I've done more reading online and I've realized I didn't have a dual voltage flat iron, and converter boxes don't typically work with flat irons.


I'm considering getting a dual voltage flat iron for this trip & using a plug adapter. However, my travel hair dryer is dual voltage and it's never worked well in Brazil ... it operates at about half the power and I feel like I'm doing damage to it. I don't want to do the same to a brand new flat iron.


Does anyone have experience with successfully (or unsuccessfully) using a flat iron internationally? Thanks!

Re: Flat Iron for International Travel

I'm traveling abroad in Shanghai right now and I always just bring a transformer. The flat iron I use is a Babyliss Pro one, and my hair dryer is also Babyliss. Not sure about the voltages, but most of the time the transformer does the job! I was also in Mongolia for a brief time and my dryer worked there with the transformer.


Hope you find a solution, good luck!

Re: Flat Iron for International Travel

I don't have a flat iron, but I do have a curling iron. My older one wasn't dual voltage but this is, and I haven't had any trouble with it. My hair dryer is, too.  Of course, I use my dryer on lower settings so I tend to find it is too hot when I travel. But my curling iron was just fine when I travelled.


From what I've found, the dual voltage means you only get the higher settings, not the cooler ones. 


Based on your having trouble before, I suggest you either buy inexpensive appliances here that are dual voltage, or see what you can buy when you arrive. I wouldn't buy something really expensive. You can probably manage with less on your travels and you don't want to risk losing something really expensive. 


One other option is plugging your things into the shaver outlet in hotels. I don't know Brazil, but everywhere else I've travelled (in a number of countries) that voltage matches ours here in the US.

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